Photo Set: Pearl Ballet

Photo Set: Pearl Ballet

One of my earlier brand-name lolita items was a skirt I purchased from Kinokuniya Bookstore in New York. It was in 2007, when the store was carrying lolita fashion goods they had intended to sell at a local anime convention. However, sales had not been as promising as they anticipated, and the excess stock was placed in the bookstore. When I arrived there wasn’t much of a selection, but I immediately fell in love with a BABY, the Stars Shine Bright skirt. I spent everything I had on it and insisted on wearing it during the rest of the trip–despite having brought no lolita clothing with me.

It’s been spending a lot of time in my closet, however. I don’t wear skirts very frequently, but I often admire the pattern when I open the closet door. On Mother’s Day I found myself trying to assemble a not-jeans-but-not-overwhelming outfit, and my attention focused on it. The skirt features my favourite kind of print–the artwork is gorgeous and elegant. The colours compliment each other so well. I wish I could wallpaper my house in this print!

The print is inspired by the ballet Swan Lake, with ballet slippers, tiaras, swans, and dancers amidst ribbons and pearls. It’s so pretty that I decided to take some pictures of it. I don’t plan to ever part with this skirt, but just in the event that happens in the future, I’ll have something to remember the splendor of this beautiful art. ♥

BtSSB Swan Lake I

BtSSB Swan Lake VI

BtSSB Swan Lake VII
BtSSB Swan Lake V

BtSSB Swan Lake III

I hope that someday I am lucky enough to own other pieces of this series. The jumperskirt and purse are so lovely~ ♥

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