Outfit Snap: Pink Weekend

Outfit Snap: Pink Weekend

To counteract the effects of not wearing lolita very much last weekend or the one before and due to the fact that my husband is out of town (something that tends to make me a bit of a grumpy-puff). I didn’t really have my heart set on a particular garment, and when I rustled through my closet nothing seemed to stand out. Then I caught sight of my pink glitter sneakers and knew what I wanted to wear~

This outfit is more on the casual side; a washing mishap with my pink cardigan made one of my ideas not possible to do at the moment, so I wore it with my pink cable-knit sweater and a white shirt. I suppose that’s the Alice-fied “casual” autopilot. I loved getting to wear my super-puffy ruffled lace knee socks, but they kept falling down my scrawny legs. ;_; Going to have to fix them–sock glue and ribbons have already been suggested.

I didn’t realize my skirt was lop-sided until I uploaded the picture! Oh well! XD My skirts always slide around during the day, but I don’t always remember to adjust them back to the way they ought to be. I really wish I had a pink tartan beret to match this skirt! (That would be awesome~)

Lopsided Tartan

On Saturday I opted for something less casual, since I was going out to lunch at my favourite bakery & café~ I settled on my Angelic☆School jumperskirt. The only problem with this is that this jumperskirt has a zipper problem; my little sister owns it in the white and black colourway and it happens to her dress as much as or more often than it happens to mine–the zipper sticks at the waist. The Japanese lolita brands tend to use a certain type of invisible zipper that isn’t very strong, and it has a hard time at the waist seam due to the layers of fabric and lining being joined in that area. That day I just could not get the zipper to pass that spot, and due to the zipper’s side location my arms were getting more and more tired every time I twisted around to attempt it. x_x

So I untied the ribbon lacing in the back, forced the zipper while the jumperskirt was flat and not being worn, and slid it over my head. Unfortunately, I couldn’t adjust the lacing after that, so I threw on a pink sweater and hurried out the door. All of the time I had wasted while tussling with my dress had made me a few minutes late! @_@ Darn! I arrived before my friends did, as they were also running late, but I was really worried as I headed over there!

Simple School

I stuck the “county fair”-type badge from the jumperskirt on my sweater’s kangaroo pocket, so it could at least kind of pretend to not look as sloppy. Luckily one of my friends was able to re-tie the lacing before we went in for lunch–we looked pretty silly standing outside, though! n_n

I wore my hair in braids, partially because I thought it would be cute and partially because I wanted it out of my way~ I tied little pink jeweled hearts at the ends; I found some very cute hair baubles a few weeks ago at a little Japanese import shop near Maxwell Street~ I want to wear them more often! I did purchase some new pink hairbows (as I actually only have one and it doesn’t always match everything), but the exchange rate has gotten very bad recently. I don’t want to have them shipped to me until it recovers at least a little bit~

Usakumya Huggles

Monsieur Lait accompanied me for most of the day. I almost brought Mallow, but he doesn’t quite fit my camera and did want to take some pictures. In the end I didn’t get any in the café, though! I completely forgot I was going to take some. u_u

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