Outfit Snap: Sweet Pink Again

Outfit Snap: Sweet Pink Again

I’m back into the swing of things and very much enjoying it! I only wish I could wear lolita fashion more frequently. I found myself thinking just the other day that I won’t be able to do a week-long challenge like I’ve tried in the past, because now I have a job that doesn’t schedule me week-to-week. The chance of having a whole week to myself is very unlikely, since I’d have to request it off…and my time off doesn’t seem to accrue fast enough! (Although I’d presume that it does.) So I don’t want to waste my weekends~

Sunglasses Silliness
These sunglasses look amazingly silly, but I love them! They really do a good job of blocking the sunlight, too~

I’ve got a new pair of sunglasses! They’re pink heart-shaped sunglasses! ♥ I’ve wanted a pair since I was very young, when I first saw the video box for Stanley Kubrick’s Lolita in a rental store. I’d been spying them on Fred Flare, so I finally bought them. When they first arrived and I tried them on, I almost returned them. I thought they were too overwhelming, but I’m glad I kept them because I’ve really warmed up to them! I don’t like not having sunglasses on such bright days.

On the whole, my outfits don’t fit the current trends. I’m not much for wigs or big hair, crazy neon colours, or 80s toy inspiration like that from fairy kei. I have a soft spot for the more subdued coordinations that were popular when I started reading Gothic & Lolita Bible magazines and browsing the online shopping section of the brand-name websites. I love pastel pink, lace, and ribbons! That’s why I love this jumperskirt–for the pink, lace, and ribbons.

Normal Pink Alice
My hair seemed to be behaving pretty well today. Maybe the wind wasn’t as bad as it can be sometimes~

I really wanted to wear a white hairbow, since I recently added one to my wardrobe, so I tried to add more white to the rest of my outfit to balance it out. I actually hadn’t planned on wearing the cardigan, but the weather wasn’t quite warm enough to go without. There was just a little bit of a chill, and I was determined to go out and get cream puffs today. I liked the outfit more without it, but I wore it most of the day.

Mallow accompanied me today, since I didn’t want to neglect him just because I now have an usakumya. He is much easier to ride the train with! Monsieur Lait almost needs his own seat, but Mallow barely takes up any space.

I’ll probably wear this coordination again sometime~ I really liked it! Maybe I’ll do so next when it’s warm enough that I don’t need the sweater.

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