Outfit Snap: Pink for Luck

Outfit Snap: Pink for Luck

Experimentation and innovation can be fun, but honestly I’m most at ease just being me the way I am. Thus I tend to wear and purchase items within one sub-style of lolita fashion (sweet) and typically one colour (pink). Left to my own free reign, I’ll just wear my favourites over and over–and I don’t think there’s really anything wrong with that. I want to get the maximum enjoyment out of the things I own, especially when they’re harder to acquire and costlier.

Without Sunglasses
This picture is very shadowy thanks to the early morning sunlight being so intense! I should have faced into the sunlight, but then I couldn’t keep my eyes open.

Saturday I attended a casually-arranged shopping trip meetup. I decided to wear my favourite pink one-piece, because I like to particularly wear pink when meeting new lolita. I think of it like a good luck charm! It’s also a good choice on days that I don’t plan on leisurely getting ready for the day, because I know what I like to wear with it; putting together a quick coordination is easy.

I also like wearing this dress because my husband likes it. It was a surprise gift from him for me during a time when I didn’t have the money to buy anything, so it has a lot of sweet memories attached to it as a result of his thoughtfulness~ ♥ It’s also incredibly comfortable and has a hidden pocket. I love garments with hidden pockets at the side seams–it’s the perfect place to keep my phone and bus pass so that I don’t have to fumble around for them in a purse.

Among Flowers
A cardigan or parka is handy on days that can’t seem to make up their mind between sunny or chilly.

The weather was very bright and sunny, but also breezy, so I wore a cardigan for most of the day. I would have preferred to bring a parasol to shade me from the sun and simply deal with chillier moments, but I decided against it. It turned out to be a much better choice, because the farmer’s market was so crowded that it would have been very impolite of me to be carrying an open parasol. I might have poked someone’s eye out accidentally!

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