Outfit Snap: Lolita Day

Outfit Snap: Lolita Day

My original intention was to put a lot of effort into my outfit for International Lolita Day. I stayed up very late the night before brewing tea to bring to the picnic and painting my nails, so that those activities wouldn’t eat up too much time the next morning. Although I haven’t yet attempted nail art, I have been experimenting with the different shades of nail polish that I own.

I have a lot of skin allergies, so makeup is usually off-limits for me. Thankfully, I’m not allergic to nail polish–and because of that I wear it all the time! If I can’t wear sparkly eye shadow, at least I can have sparkly fingertips~ It makes me feel extra-girly to have my nails painted, and I prefer to do it myself rather than spend money at a nail salon. The other day I bought an iridescent pearl polish, so I layered it over a darker pink that I own which always seems a little bit too “blue” to match my lolita outfits. The pearl softened and lightened the pink, while adding a metallic shimmer. ♥ I was very pleased! I want to get some tiny rhinestones or pearls to add as little decorations next time.

Rainy-Day Alice
Why look, a pink Alice! Not very shocking, honestly.

Despite all this planning, I didn’t wear anything really interesting on Lolita Day. The weather was rumored to thunderstorm, and it was raining when we left the house, so I opted for an outfit that I knew to be colourfast and easily cleaned. (And I pulled my hair back to try to keep the humidity from playing with it, but I wasn’t really very successful at that…)

I wasn’t disappointed, though~ I don’t dislike any of the clothing that I own, or I wouldn’t own it! The Angelic☆School series was one of my dreams when I started wearing lolita fashion, and I’m certainly not sick of it yet! I can’t wait until my sister and I can twin with our jumperskirts, but that wasn’t fated to be on Lolita Day since she is currently traveling in Japan. I paired it simply, with a white blouse, pink bows, white socks, and pink shoes. Mallow accompanied me, as he’s easier to protect from rain than Monsieur Lait and easier to clean.

Near the Polar Bear
You can see the pattern of my socks much better in this picture, although not at such a tiny size~

I hadn’t worn the socks before–they were a gift from my little sister. They’re adorable cupcake socks from Metamorphose~ I love cupcakes, pink, and glitter. The socks have all three. It’s an irresistible combination for me! I’ve never worn over-the-knee socks with lolita before, and it was kind of strange. My legs are scrawny and I’m not terribly tall, so they ended several inches above my knees and looked like tights. Not necessarily a bad thing, but I think I prefer knee socks~

I tried to put some extra effort into my coordination by actually wearing makeup on Lolita Day, despite my allergies. However, I’m not very skilled at doing so, so I’m not sure it really made a difference at all! And it made me terribly uncomfortable. I probably won’t do it again for quite a while; it’s not really worth the itchiness and post-makeup-rash. (Which, thankfully there’s no-one in the office to see on Sunday~) Getting to come home and wash my face felt wonderful at the end of the day~

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