Outfit Snap: Dolpa NYC 4

Outfit Snap: Dolpa NYC 4

I wore lolita fashion to Doll’s Party in New York City 4. I figured that if I was going to take a vacation, I might as well enjoy it as much as I possibly could!

The day before I left I also dressed up, although I don’t care much for this outfit.

Red Zoo Outfit
I feel like everything about this is a bit awkward.

I wanted to wear my sailor collar cutsew, but I wanted to wear it in a combination other than the red jumperskirt I always wear it with. This is one of the only other things I own with red accents, so I thought I could combine the two. I’m not satisfied with this outfit, though. I don’t think there’s enough red in the skirt to balance with the very, very red cutsew. I’ll have to try something like this again after I give the items in my closet closer inspection. (I think that really I need a different skirt, and maybe different socks/shoes.)

When planning my outfits for the event over the weekend, I decided that I wanted to wear my favourite things. It was a little bit of a hard choice because I would be traveling, and lolita fashion isn’t exactly the best choice for that kind of thing. Additionally, I would be alone in a big city, and the style attracts a lot of attention–sometimes good, sometimes not. However, it makes me very happy, so I wanted to enjoy myself to the fullest!

Mad Hatter Williams
Everyone wanted to pose with the cutout of the limited-edition Williams as the Mad Hatter, myself included.

I wore Cherry Berry Bunny on the first day, since it’s my favourite print. ♥ Every time I see it in my closet I feel just as fluttery and happy as I did when I saw the first advertisement scans! I got a lot of shocked stares at the airport, but that’s okay. It made it really easy for the car service to find me! I wore this jumperskirt with a short-sleeved blouse, since I knew the weather would be warm, and pink and white striped socks with strawberries at the ankle.

Typically I prefer to wear this outfit with less-busy socks, so the print isn’t overwhelmed, but I do particularly like these socks. They were recommended to my little sister by the shop-girls when she purchased this jumperskirt. We both agree that they’re not a really fantastic or absolute “match,” but I think they’re very cute and adore them! It’s a good thing that Tea Party shoes are pretty comfortable; I did a lot of walking~

President Shigeta
I love this picture SO MUCH. I’m so happy I was able to be in a picture with Mr. Shigeta, president of the company! The silly stickers are because it was originally part of a group picture.

I loved the chance to wear this new hairbow. It has a little white pom-pon, which I think is sort of like the bunny tails on the jumperskirt’s print~

A few people at the event were amazed by my outfit and asked for pictures–it was fun! I also spotted several other lolita, although I didn’t get to talk to them very much~ It would have been nice to get a group picture, but I was too shy to ask! I was trying really hard to be sociable so I didn’t spent most of my time alone, but it was kind of overwhelming amidst so many people.

On the second day I wore the pink one-piece that my husband bought for me several years ago. It’s one of my favourites, and it has such sweet memories associated with it. It’s also surprisingly easy to pack, although it is a very big and poofy thing!

Day Two
I always think I look a bit demonic when I smile like this! It’s kind of scary!

I never really do anything “astonishing” with my coordinations. My style just isn’t that quirky or unique. I also got a chance to wear my favourite socks. They have a “lace-up” look up the back, with scallops and hearts. I adore this design so much that I own it in pink x white AND white x pink! If they had it in other colours that showed up in my wardrobe, I’d own those, too! They contrasted well with the white shoes; I was hoping to avoid packing another pair.

I really love this picture, but you can tell how frizzy my hair is~ Darn that hotel shampoo…

I wore this dress with another new hairbow. I’ve wanted one in this style for so long; I am so glad to have one! I tried a new hairstyle–down with two small braids in front. However, I’m going to have to try this again now that I’m at home. My hair gets very frizzy when I use hotel shampoo–it’s just too drying. I look like such a poof-ball that the braids can’t even be seen!

Overall, I had a great time! I’m going to write about all the fun I had, and share some pictures, too. I want to be able to remember this and look back on it some day!

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