Meetup Report: Dolpa NYC 4 Day 2

Meetup Report: Dolpa NYC 4 Day 2

My post about my trip to New York for Dolpa NYC 4 was just too long for one entry, so I’ve continued it from the post about my Saturday.

I was determined to go both days, although I know a lot of people only attended the Saturday. I signed up for the workshop, which I was really enthusiastic about! The workshop was a class, taught by some of the company artists that paint the dolls. In general, I’m really, really terrible at painting. I try to avoid projects that involve painting, because I don’t seem to have very good control with a paintbrush. I wanted to take the workshop to be given instructions by someone with lots of experience and talent. I was very satisfied, even though I still don’t plan to paint my own dolls.

I woke up bright and early on Sunday to get macarons. I missed out on the chance to the night before, so I hurried to the bakery in the morning. I wanted to be there early enough to have a full selection and late enough to not beat anything from coming out of the oven and being ready for the display. There probably wasn’t a lot of chance of that, but I was worried anyway. My little sister brought me back a ton of crazy KitKat’s from Japan, and in return she asked for some macarons from NYC. I was lucky enough to have full choice when I got there!

After getting my box of one dozen macarons (vanilla, chocolate, pistachio, peach, strawberry, and caramel~ ♥) and a chocolate-almond croissant, I zipped over to Argo Tea. In Chicago, we have quite a few of these shops, and I like some of their really sugary-sweet drinks. I was just a teeny-tiny bit homesick, since I wasn’t traveling with anyone else, so I got a coconut bubble tea to have with my croissant breakfast. (They use square pieces of tapioca for their bubble tea–it’s really neat!)

After that, I headed back to the hotel. My friends were getting ready to head out, since they had arranged to meet up with another friend of theirs at Kinokuniya. I decided to tag along because I wanted to see the three sisters again–I think they’re so cute! ♥ Besides, I hadn’t had a chance to see Kinokuniya since their remodel. The last time I was there they were still in progress, since it was so long ago!

I headed back to the venue after saying hello and goodbye to everyone at the bookstore. (And after buying a few small purchases… Hello Kitty onigiri boxes were calling to me.) Dolpa started pretty early on Sunday, but they were signing the Another Yourself photo-book, which I don’t own a copy of. There were also clothing items from Japanese vendors, but I had a hunch they wouldn’t carry a lot of things in Mini Super Dollfie size. I tried very hard not to but expensive things for a doll I don’t own~

Soon after I arrived and checked in again, it was time to register for the workshop and pick up workshop items. I had ordered the tool kit and a kit of a doll that could only be purchased if you took the workshop. I had seen some pictures of Mi-chan, and thought she was pretty cute, so when I decided to go to Dolpa and take the workshop it seemed perfect that she would be available for me to order. As soon as I picked up my doll and tools, I skipped back to my table to open the box and take a look at her.

Unfortunately, as soon as I moved aside the top cushion I knew that the doll wasn’t right for me. It happens sometimes~ I set to work getting the doll ready to come back on the airplane with me. The box was much too big for my carry-on sized suitcase, so I packed a duffle bag to check on the way back. However, I don’t trust airlines very much with luggage, so I planned to put the doll’s pieces in my carry-on and put other less-delicate and less-expensive things in the box and duffle bag.

Once I put the box into the duffle bag, I noticed that there was a lot of extra space. This wouldn’t have meant anything to me if it weren’t for the fact that the Tenshi no Sumika table still had the doll I really wanted. No-one had purchased Nono even though most of the wigs and everything else were long since sold. I looked at the duffle bag, and shuffled over to the sales table, then slowly “measured” the box against the empty bag. It was absolutely long enough to fit the bigger box.

So I went back, got the other box from where I had left it, and went back to the store. I looked at the employees, who already knew that I really wanted that doll–they had taken her out to let me see her instead of just in pictures. She’s so much prettier in real life~ ♥ I told them that if the two boxes fit in the duffle bag, I would buy the doll…even though I knew I shouldn’t be buying a doll! Somehow, both boxes fit!

When I tried to pay, however, my card kept getting declined! u_u I called my bank and spoke to someone who wasn’t able to help me out. I had plenty of money in my account, she said, and there weren’t any blocks or holds on my card. I’ve been anxiously watching my bank account all week, as this trouble caused me to be very afraid that I behaved recklessly and spent enough money to jeopardize my finances, but everything seems fine! It’s very mysterious~

Thankfully the staff were very patient with my trouble, and I was able to pay with a different payment method. They even paused so that we could all take part in the Unbirthday gift exchange! My present was a stuffed cream puff and madeline~ (I have a soft spot for felt sweets–I really enjoy making them!) I received a beautiful gray and black doll-sized scarf~ It’s absolutely perfect for a friend of mine, who has a doll with a mature and elegant style. ♥ As soon as I opened it I thought of her!

The workshop was a lot of fun, but I wasn’t concentrating very well. I couldn’t help being jittery from the turmoil-ridden purchase of the doll I’ve wanted for so long! Some of the attendees at the table I was sitting at started talking to me about my new doll, and they asked if they could try some wigs on her, and then clothes, so I let them. They were very nice girls, and it was fun to see what she looked like in outfits~ (The doll’s head is so big that she can’t wear the wigs in the sizes they had with them. I was amused~)

I really enjoyed watching Mikey, our teacher for the class. She’s so very talented! Watching her hands as she paints was astonishing. Her movements are fluid and steady, so every brushstroke comes out looking wonderful. I know I’d have a LOT of practice ahead of me to get to a level like that! (If I could even accomplish it in the first place.)

I didn’t get to stay for the entire workshop because I had to head back to the airport. There was a snafu with the car; it didn’t come to pick me up where I was! When I finally talked to the driver, he was very confused, but promptly came to get me. It was pretty scary to be waiting to head towards the airport, alone and with several suitcases, without seeing the car that said it would pick you up 15 minutes ago! I was sure we would be late, and compounded with the stress from worrying about my bank account my ride to the airport and wait in the terminal were not very much fun.

I was so happy to be home, especially once I had my checked luggage safely reclaimed from the baggage area.

Overall, Dolpa was lots and lots of fun! I really enjoyed going, and I extremely enjoyed wearing lolita to it! I hope that I can go to another one in the near future. (And this time, I can bring the doll I’m so excited to own!) I’ll definitely get dressed up again, too~ ♥

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