Outfit Snap: Saturday Tea

Outfit Snap: Saturday Tea

My weekend wasn’t as frilly as I generally prefer, because I did something else I am very fond of–I volunteered at the observatory~ ★ I love the observatory, but I’d been missing out on several sessions that were held on Saturdays, as it was nearly impossible for me to then get to work on time on Sunday. Thankfully, we’re back to Fridays, so I was able to go! However, the observatory is very dirty. It is a bad, bad place for frills. I sat down on something for a moment, and my rear was black for the rest of the night. Imagine the horror if that had been a beloved jumperskirt! ;_;

On Saturday, I attended a tea party with some close friends. I wore white since it had been a little while since I’ve worn my white dress~ (And also, a bit, in memory of the grime in the observatory, which this outfit would have never survived unscathed!)

I’ve worn this same outfit many times, but I try to vary it at least a little bit. I don’t want to wear exactly the same thing over and over again! It’s a bit of a challenge to mix things up and still be wearing all white, though!

White for Summer
I wore a cardigan for part of the day. It’s strange, but I like to keep my arms covered.

This time I wore my new white hairbow. I’ve actually owned a white hairbow for several years, but I never wear it because it stands up straight. It tends to look like it descended from space and landed on my head! This hairbow is much more suited to the ways I typically style my hair.

I wore a cardigan while outdoors. I didn’t bring my parasol (which was very, very silly of me), so I wore it to shade my arms. Somehow being mostly covered always makes me feel a little bit cooler in warm and sunny weather, although it’s sometimes entirely imagined. It was much too warm to wear it inside, though!

White Summer Dress
The sunlight was so bright that it was really difficult to keep my eyes open!

I’m still dreaming of a white bolero or parka to wear with this dress~ (Or maybe a white apron?) I really enjoy trying new combinations, since I already like the style of the one-piece so much! ♥

Oh! I’m wearing my new petticoat in these pictures. It’s much poofier than before, isn’t it?

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