Outfit Snap: Casual Saturday

Outfit Snap: Casual Saturday

This past month hasn’t been one full of dressing up. With all of the guinea pigs’ vet appointments I’ve been dashing back and forth on the days I’m not at work, and most of the time I haven’t felt up to putting on fancy clothes. This past weekend, however, I was able to stay at home and relax (until Crème Puff’s hopefully final appointment next weekend). My husband and I decided to go on a date on Saturday, a day we both have off of work, and that was an opportunity I didn’t want to pass up.

Pups in Cups
I forgot to take pictures until the very last minute, when we returned home. I was having too much fun!

I wanted to wear something that was slightly more casual. I have a few things that I acquired a little while ago but haven’t actually worn yet, so I picked one of those for our date. I don’t often wear skirts, since I prefer jumperskirts and one-pieces, but while my little sister was in Japan she picked me up a very cute skirt. I like to call this print “Pups in Cups,” as I can never remember what it’s actually called and there are puppies in teacups featured prominently along the border. When we stopped at a shop, the cashier noticed all of the strawberries on my skirt. She was even more excited when I pointed out the puppies~ ♥

I paired the skirt with a white parka with pink polka-dot accents on the cuffs and the hood. I think in the future I’d prefer to wear this skirt with a cardigan or pretty cutsew, but I didn’t want something so formal. I wore plain white knee socks to keep things toned down, and pink shoes.

The skirt has some interesting shades of pink in it. I’d like to wear it with shoes in the darkest pink, but I’m not sure they’d match anything else. I’m never really sure how to coordinate skirts. I don’t have many tops that are pretty enough to seem suitable on their own. My wardrobe always seems to have gaps of missing items, regardless of how full my closet looks!