Update: Hearts Abound

Update: Hearts Abound

I really love Valentine’s Day~ ♥ Even before I met my husband, it was a holiday I enjoyed. I like leaving notes for the people I care about–just a little extra something to let them know that they’re on my mind and in my heart. It’s something that I enjoy preparing for, and I hope that it brightens the days of my recipients~

I’m at work today and I have class this evening, so my ability to really go over the top for this year is somewhat dampened. I exchanged gifts and cooked a fancy dinner with my husband last night, and I’ll be attending a Valentine-themed party over the weekend, though~ I’m going to get in as much fluff and love and hearts and ribbons and bows and happiness and cheer as I can manage for this year!

I hope that everyone has a wonderful day today~ (Even if you don’t do anything “Valentine-y.”) I’m sending my love and best wishes out to everyone~ ♥

Old-fashioned artwork used in image courtesy of The Graphics Fairy.

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