Meetup Report: Valentine Crafternoon

Meetup Report: Valentine Crafternoon

A few weeks before Valentine’s Day I attended card-making crafternoon~ A friend hosted it in her lovely and bright condo, and I got to help with treats and supplies. I really love Valentine’s Day and the associated cards, so I was super excited about this meetup! ♥ I had a wonderful time, and I hope that everyone else did, too!

I don’t regularly make Valentine’s Day cards, but I really like to do so. There are so many easy ways to turn just about anything into a cute or beautiful card to give to someone you care about. You can use paper, cardstock, cut outs, glitter, stickers, glue, ribbons, lace, doilies, sequins, and so many other materials! I got so wrapped up in the idea that I raided the local craft store and bought a little bit of absolutely everything. I left with construction paper, glitter glue, and even pom poms~ I also realized that I own a ridiculous number of scissors–but that really came in handy for the actual process!

Valentine's Day Card Crafternoon
The card-making table before everyone arrived, covered in craft supplies.
Before the guests arrived the hostess and I made peanut butter chip cookies and strawberry cupcakes. The strawberry cupcakes didn’t turn out very pretty, but they were still tasty~ (I really wanted cupcakes with real strawberries in them rather than strawberry flavoring, and I added too many! It made them–predictably–too moist. I have a hard time practicing restraint when it comes to incorporating fruit into desserts.)

The peanut butter chip cookies came out very well~ The peanut butter chips were so tasty! I basically didn’t eat anything else during the entire meetup. A paragon of healthy eating I am not.

Valentine's Day Card Crafternoon
Some of the many tasty desserts baked and brought with to the party~
Guests added a balance of more savory items and a few more dessert items to the spread. Most girls brought their own craft projects with them in the true spirit of the crafternoon~ ♥ Someone decided to put on a thriller/suspense/horror movie on in the background–2LDK–and from that point on the party was punctuated by occasional shrieks of surprise or gasps of disbelief. It definitely provided quite a contrast to the making of Valentine’s Day cards, haha~

Valentine's Day Card Crafternoon
The card-making table in action!
I really loved to see all of the interesting and creative ideas that everyone came up with for their cards~ There was much use of ribbons, pom poms, glitter glue, coloured pencils, and markers. Everyone put a lot of thought into their designs. Usually the loveliest of card was accompanied with a statement like, “Oh, well, I didn’t do very well at this, but I wanted it to look a certain way,” even though the card was utterly gorgeous~ I know some really talented people. (Although I do believe that even the ugliest card can be wonderful if it was created with the best of intentions and care!)

I had so much fun that I forgot to take any pictures of anyone’s outfits! Not even my own! I’ve been absolutely miserable at remembering to do that, lately. Whoops!

Outfit Snap: Snowstorm Anniversary Weekend

Outfit Snap: Snowstorm Anniversary Weekend

The end of January contained three important events–another 3-day weekend for me, a snowstorm, and my 2-year wedding anniversary~ ♥ I had a really wonderful time.

Usually my husband and I like to celebrate our anniversary by spending a night or two in a hotel downtown for one very, very, very important reason–a thermostat! Our apartment has whole-building radiator heat that we have no control over. Sometimes it is downright frigid in our home! (I can’t bear to run a space heater due to the accompanying rise in our electric bill. We tried it once and it felt like highway robbery! Usually we just layer on clothing and drink warm beverages.) Upon check-in we crank the heat way up and proceed to bask in the warmth.

This year it didn’t look like we’d be able to do this. I had earlier decided that it was a rather unnecessary frivolous expenditure and thus removed it from our budget for the month, only to start regretting that removal when the days inched along and the temperature indoors felt like it was dropping. My father, who travels frequently for business, saved us by using some reward points to secure a room on very, very short notice. (Literally the day of.)

However, this was also the day of a very severe snowstorm. So severe that buses and cars were rerouted from Lake Shore Drive to prevent anyone getting stranded, buses routes were cancelled, and taxis skidded around on the snowy and icy roads. It usually takes us about fifteen minutes to get downtown using buses or trains. On this day, it took hours. The buses we tried were cancelled, the taxis looked like suicide, and finally we retraced our steps–through the blizzard-like conditions–and boarded a train, then walked to the hotel. My husband had worked all day, and he was absolutely worn out. I have a sordid history of dragging this poor guy out into the most inclement weather possible; I’m lucky he’s so kind and patient with me.

For the Snowstorm
This photo was taken pretty late! We traveled far too much on this day!
The outfit picture was something I really wanted to get a snapshot of, but at this point it was very late, we were both very wet from the now-melting snow that had coated us, and he was too exhausted to hold the camera steady. I had chosen my outfit based on the foolish insistence that I wanted to dress up even if it was a snowstorm. I wore my red jumperskirt because I know it is colourfast and won’t be ruined if it gets wet. I paired it with a black shirt and black tights for extra warmth, and layered a cardigan as well.

This was one of my earlier attempts at French braiding my hair. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do, but never really learned. I’ve been teaching myself slowly since then, and I’m getting a little bit better at it, but it isn’t perfect. I really love the style because it helps keep my hair out of my face and neatly arranged. It really came in handy on a day like this; even after being out in the snow for hours my hair didn’t look like a puff-ball!

Gray & Pink
I really like the combination of gray and pink~
The next day we took a trip to the aquarium to see the jellyfish exhibit. We had visited the aquarium the day after our marriage, so it was both fun because we like the aquarium and fun because it was reminiscent of such a happy memory~

I bought this gray sweater nearly a year ago intending to wear it with lolita, but I kept holding off on it because I really felt I needed gray socks or tights to match with it. A few days before I had spotted a cute pair of gray tights, and then I remembered that I also had gray legwarmers. Now I want to incorporate more gray into my wardrobe~

Winter White 1
I was so happy to wear this dress again~!
I was determined to wear my wedding dress on the actual day of my anniversary. I’ve been planning for this for a while; it was something I wanted to do the previous year. I didn’t want to wear my wedding dress in the same coordination that I had worn it on my wedding day, mostly because I was really, really, REALLY cold. I searched around for a blouse that would compliment the dress, but I didn’t find one before last year’s anniversary–although I did find and purchase one shortly after. I’ve been saving it since then and was very excited to finally wear it.

I paired it with the same hair ribbon and shoes that I wore on my wedding day and plain white stockings.

Winter White 2
I really like all-white coordinations although I rarely wear them.
I still have more plans for this dress. I love it so much that I want to wear it rather than seal it away somewhere. I’d like to feel like I’m getting my money’s worth from it, hee hee! My next plans involve finding white lace tights that would match it well, or maybe white socks topped with tulle lace, and a white bolero. I don’t own any boleros, although I always think about how useful one would be; I think I just need to find the right design~

Update: Pet-Related Break

Update: Pet-Related Break

At the end of January I noticed that one of my guinea pigs, Crème Puff, had a very watery right eye. A few days passed, and his watery eye only seemed more and more watery. He didn’t seem particularly bothered, but it looked pretty awful. We made him a vet appointment and learned–surprise, surprise–that our chronically-ill pet is sick yet again.

He was sitting in a really cute pose, but when I moved in he decided to try and eat the camera.

He has another URI (upper respiratory infection) and internal fluid build up. He also has heart disease.

He currently has several medications prescribed–an antibiotic, a probiotic, an ACE inhibitor, a loop diuretic, eyedrops, and topical cream.

His right eye is no longer watery and he looks very good, but unfortunately he doesn’t really seem to be getting all that much better. His breathing sounds terrible and the internal fluid has lessened but not disappeared. None of his behaviors have changed; he still eats well, torments the other guinea pig, and wheeks for attention and food. He’s been sick so many times that I fear he is resistant to the antibiotics.

Since the end of January I’ve been making very regular trips to the vet. What should have been handled in one or two appointments is stretching on further than I would like it. I’ll be heading there again on Friday for yet another follow-up, and I wish I could be surer that there would be good news rather than more medications and more check ups yet to come.

I’ve have a few posts that I started writing and didn’t really follow through on, so I’ll try to get some of those posted soon. However, I don’t really expect to be writing very frequently until I’m spending less time at the vet and more time involved in my local lolita community again. ♥