Meetup Report: Valentine Crafternoon

Meetup Report: Valentine Crafternoon

A few weeks before Valentine’s Day I attended card-making crafternoon~ A friend hosted it in her lovely and bright condo, and I got to help with treats and supplies. I really love Valentine’s Day and the associated cards, so I was super excited about this meetup! ♥ I had a wonderful time, and I hope that everyone else did, too!

I don’t regularly make Valentine’s Day cards, but I really like to do so. There are so many easy ways to turn just about anything into a cute or beautiful card to give to someone you care about. You can use paper, cardstock, cut outs, glitter, stickers, glue, ribbons, lace, doilies, sequins, and so many other materials! I got so wrapped up in the idea that I raided the local craft store and bought a little bit of absolutely everything. I left with construction paper, glitter glue, and even pom poms~ I also realized that I own a ridiculous number of scissors–but that really came in handy for the actual process!

Valentine's Day Card Crafternoon
The card-making table before everyone arrived, covered in craft supplies.
Before the guests arrived the hostess and I made peanut butter chip cookies and strawberry cupcakes. The strawberry cupcakes didn’t turn out very pretty, but they were still tasty~ (I really wanted cupcakes with real strawberries in them rather than strawberry flavoring, and I added too many! It made them–predictably–too moist. I have a hard time practicing restraint when it comes to incorporating fruit into desserts.)

The peanut butter chip cookies came out very well~ The peanut butter chips were so tasty! I basically didn’t eat anything else during the entire meetup. A paragon of healthy eating I am not.

Valentine's Day Card Crafternoon
Some of the many tasty desserts baked and brought with to the party~
Guests added a balance of more savory items and a few more dessert items to the spread. Most girls brought their own craft projects with them in the true spirit of the crafternoon~ ♥ Someone decided to put on a thriller/suspense/horror movie on in the background–2LDK–and from that point on the party was punctuated by occasional shrieks of surprise or gasps of disbelief. It definitely provided quite a contrast to the making of Valentine’s Day cards, haha~

Valentine's Day Card Crafternoon
The card-making table in action!
I really loved to see all of the interesting and creative ideas that everyone came up with for their cards~ There was much use of ribbons, pom poms, glitter glue, coloured pencils, and markers. Everyone put a lot of thought into their designs. Usually the loveliest of card was accompanied with a statement like, “Oh, well, I didn’t do very well at this, but I wanted it to look a certain way,” even though the card was utterly gorgeous~ I know some really talented people. (Although I do believe that even the ugliest card can be wonderful if it was created with the best of intentions and care!)

I had so much fun that I forgot to take any pictures of anyone’s outfits! Not even my own! I’ve been absolutely miserable at remembering to do that, lately. Whoops!

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