Update: Crème Puff on the Mend

Update: Crème Puff on the Mend

For the past few months I’ve been at the vet every-other Friday. Crème Puff, the one of my guinea pig pair who has unfortunately poor health, was in particularly bad shape. We learned that he has heart trouble, and that untreated heart trouble lead to edema–in his case, fluid in his cavities and in his lungs. His heart was enlarged from the stress. He had an upper respiratory infection. I spent time and money on x-rays, medications, exams, and tests.

After all those weeks, things have settled down. He’s not 100% better, but he’s well enough that his next check up is in three months rather than two weeks. (After six bi-weekly appointments, I’m ready for a break if he is.) He’s on a series of medications that appear to be working, although slowly. He needs to have his heart ultrasounded, so that’s next up on my list. He’ll be on the medication for life, so that’s a bit of an adjustment. I’ve started waking up just before my husband leaves at 4:30am and giving the guinea pig his morning dose of medicine before collapsing back in bed until my own alarm goes off. (Trying to fit that in before I leave for work makes me feel rushed and frustrated.)

The guinea pigs took a short vacation (with my husband and I as chaperones) to visit my parents and enjoy being spoiled by my stepfather.

Taking my pets to and from the vet makes me feel very stressed, which I think is rather expected and obvious. I’ve been focused entirely on my pet’s health, so I haven’t been dressing up, going anywhere, or spending much time with friends. I felt like I didn’t have enough time or money to do fun things, but I also didn’t feel motivated. I’m looking forward to enjoying my hobbies and activities now that I am no longer fraught with worry about my dear piggle.

I’m very thankful that he’s recovering. ♥ I love my pets very, very much–I always want to keep them happy and healthy. He’s happy, and maybe he’ll get to “healthy” eventually.

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