Meetup Report: Tea at the Langham

Meetup Report: Tea at the Langham

Champagne Tea
I have such fond memories of this tea experience~ I hope to go back sometime.

In early February I went to tea at The Langham. I adore having tea service at hotels, and this was one I had not been to before, so I was very excited. (Also, it had been quite a while since I had tea at a hotel, as my financial situation has changed and I have to take care in regards to this kind of extravagance.)

The Langham serves their afternoon tea in the “Pavilion” space. This was a lovely dining area with large windows and bright design. With off-white chairs and couches, marble tabletops, and lots of shiny chrome, it looked very open and illuminated.

Langham Pavilion
I really like it when tea is served in an area with cushioned chairs and sofas. It’s easier to relax~

Piano Player
I really love it when there is live music! This piano player did a lovely job providing ambiance.

We ordered the Afternoon Tea with Wedgwood. I’m still a bit amused by the mention of the china/tea brand in the title of their tea service–it’s referenced regularly on everything regarding the tea. I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing; I’ve never had Wedgwood’s teas before, so it was a draw for me. I don’t think any other hotels or restaurants in my area are serving their tea.

Pink Rose Tea
I wish that the china had been a less modern design, but it did match the setting of the dining area perfectly.

Of course, I opted for tea exclusive to the Langham when it came time to make my selection~ I had the Palm Court Blend, a white tea with rosehips, rose, and hibiscus–as well as a touch of mint. I really enjoyed both the flavour and the gorgeous pink hue! ♥

Savory Course
I forgot to take pictures of the other courses, but I loved the colours of the savory course!

The “Downton Abbey”-themed menu included:

Coronation chicken salad mini-sandwich
Smoked salmon with carmelized onions mini-sandwich
Red pepper and cucumber mini-sandwich
Truffled egg salad with toast
Scones with Earl Grey-soaked raisins
Scones with citrus
(Served with clotted cream and strawberry jam.)
Petit opera cake
Petit raspberry cake topped with a ladyfinger
Petit tart
Thumbprint cookies with apricot jam

I appreciated that the courses were served plated individually. As much as tea trays are beautiful and traditional, this avoided any need for reaching or trying to decide who should get what and how much is fair to allot per person. There was still a bit of trading/etc. due to personal preferences, not surprising. ●ᴗ~✧

One of the nicest parts of this tea was definitely the service. The hotel was very excited to have our group enjoying tea. Instead of being stand-offish or rude because we were dressed up, they seemed genuinely glad that we had chosen to come there for tea. That kind of treatment enhanced my overall impression of their tea service.

Currently the tea menu is “Downton Abbey”-themed. That was a draw for a number of members in our party, myself included. This was represented in the menu with a few items with a “British” feeling, such as the coronation chicken salad. (Somewhat amusing to me, as it was developed for the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953–not quite the “Downton Abbey” time period.) I think I prefer that the theme wasn’t taken to an extreme. I wanted to attend a nice tea service for this event, not a themed party.

Overall I had a lovely time and I hope to enjoy tea at the Langham again, someday~ ♥

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