Update: Just Alice, Still Alice

Update: Just Alice, Still Alice

This poor, poor neglected blog.

Alice at the Kanji Museum

This face is a pretty good representation of what I’ve been doing in all the months I haven’t written here: thinking about what to write here. It’s not that I haven’t had content to write about—I still wear lolita fashion (more than ever, actually!) and still flail around in ballet class and still spend too much time musing over my thoughts and the various desserts I’ve set my sights on. (My Instagram account shows a pretty good representation of all the silly goings-on in my life!) I’ve gone on some trips that would be fun to talk about it. I’ve bought clothing and drank tea and basically kept on keepin’ on.

But I think what’ve been interfering have been some internal questions from me about blogging as a whole, as an industry.

And I think the answer is that it doesn’t really matter to me what blogging as an industry is doing. I miss writing and sharing, and as much as I adore Instagram and social media, it simply doesn’t allow for the long-winded descriptions I enjoy so much.

Because really, that’s just what I like. ♥ And that’s the whole purpose of maintaining this thing!

Update: Welcome to PinkMilkTea.com

Update: Welcome to PinkMilkTea.com

Pink Milk Tea

I have really missed writing here. I know I’m not the most interesting person in the world, but chronicling the things I’ve done or writing about topics I’ve been thinking about provides a unique outlet for me. I am looking forward to using this beautiful WordPress setup to do so. It is very different from the options I had with Blogger!

There were a few hiccups moving the content and comments here. If you find something that’s not working properly, please take a moment to let me know.

I wish everyone a wonderful week~ ♥

Introduction: Pink Milk Tea

Introduction: Pink Milk Tea

About the Blog

Pink Milk Tea is my attempt at writing a blog focusing on lolita fashion from the perspective of one sweet lolita. It will have entries on different topics related to the fashion or the authoress.

There is no direct plan for this blog. I want to write about lolita fashion because it plays a significant and important role in my life. I would like to share my writings with other lolita or interested parties.

About Lolita Fashion

Lolita fashion is a Japanese style that takes inspiration from young girl’s clothing of Victorian England, the decadence of Rococo art and interior design, and the dreams of an utopian anachronistic era that never was. Lolita clothing is designed to look inspired by the past but utterly unhistorical. There are many sub-styles of lolita fashion with slightly different characteristics, such as gothic lolita, sweet lolita, and classic lolita. There are also complimentary styles such as Japanese gothic, aristocrat, and dandy-looking boy styles.

The major publication for lolita fashion is the Gothic & Lolita Bible. Recently the American company Tokyopop has released several volumes of an English-language adaptation Gothic & Lolita Bible.

Lolita fashion is not connected to the well-known novel by Vladimir Nabokov. Although the historical origins of lolita fashion are vague, the fashion evolved from other Japanese styles. Lolita fashion is not a sexual fetish or connected to sexual activities.

About the Authoress

I, Alice, have been wearing lolita fashion since 2006. I am a sweet lolita, adoring everything fluffy, pink, and cute~ ♥ I am not a “lifestyle lolita,” but I enjoy the rosy tint that lolita fashion has cast over my day-to-day life. I am an active member of Chicago’s gothic & lolita community, and moderate ChiGothLoli, where we plan events and talk.

When not wearing frills, I enjoy spending time with my person and my guinea pigs, causing mischief with my dear friends, rocking hard to heavy metal music, and eating as many cupcakes as I possibly can. I study accounting at business school and love it!