On Being Lolita: Spring in the Happy Garden

On Being Lolita: Spring in the Happy Garden

There’s just something about Happy Garden that makes me want to dress up like an Easter egg all spring! When I first saw the print I didn’t care much for it…until I realized something very important. It has massive-tailed, big-cheeked rabbits just like those on my ultimate favourite print, Cherry Berry Bunny! ♥ Now I struggle with an internal tug-of-war between my mind that says, “Don’t spend money on a dress like that! How often will you really wear it?” and my heart that goes, “;_;-♥ But I looooooooves it. I loves it so.”

My little sister was equally on the fence, first deciding she had to have it, then deciding it wasn’t really worth it…and then she realized it has fluffy little Angelic Prettied chicks on it. As much as I adore bunnies, my little sister loves chickens. Especially cute baby chickens. The fact that the matching cardigan’s only decoration is an embroidered chick is almost too much! So we look at the pictures and sigh dreamily over how adorable yet ridiculous it all is.

Although I adore it, my feelings aren’t quite a “must-have-it” level of obsession. There is a degree to which the print reminds me of a tablecloth or bedsheet, something I find both cute and unlikely to make me wear the dress on a regular basis. A whole rainbow of pastels is used in the illustrations of Easter eggs and baby animals, so I know I won’t wear the dress on a regular basis–I generally prefer a less-varied palette. Most importantly, bunnies are not the focus. There are delightful, wonderful fluffy bunnies, but not with the intensity of Cherry Berry Bunny~

If it would have been available sooner, so I would have had the opportunity to wear the print on Easter, perhaps I would have felt more rushed to get it. Now that the holiday has passed, I prefer to look at the advertisements and think about how cute it is. It’s available for purchase from different outlets, but I’m focused on other things. Perhaps Happy Garden will just be a nice springtime dream for me…or maybe when winter comes and things are gloomy, I’ll find myself stalking Yahoo!Japan auctions looking for a burst of sunshine and bunnies.

I hope those bunnies make another appearance! I can’t get enough of their enormous fluffy tails~ ♥