Outfit Snap: Instagram Migration

Outfit Snap: Instagram Migration

It’s probably been obvious if only because I haven’t posted anything under “Outfit Snap” in years, but I consider this category of post officially retired. ♥


With the way things have changed, both in terms of the English-speaking lolita fashion online communities, blogging, and my own personal clothing habits, it seems like a good time for this category to be laid to rest. When I started writing here, pictures of people’s individual coordinates were slightly less easy to come by than they are now. I didn’t wear lolita fashion as frequently then as I do today.

I’ll still be sharing pictures of my outfits exactly the way I have been doing for a few years—on Instagram!

Perhaps if there’s a particular event or outfit I might someday resurrect this type of post to highlight it, but until that mysterious set of circumstances arranges itself, outfit pictures will continue on Instagram rather than individual posts. 📷