Rose-Tinted Living: Marron Cream

Rose-Tinted Living: Marron Cream

I sometimes forget that Sanrio has created more than the handful of characters that I see most frequently. This shouldn’t really be something that surprises me, considering that my all-time favourite character is obscure. (I love Shinkansen–he’s my man! …Or maybe they’re my men?)

I was very recently at the Sanrio store looking for a new wallet. I love character goods for their cuteness, particularly if they’re useful items rather than merely decorative. While looking around, a particular pattern caught my eye–pink flowers on a sky blue background. I am quite fond of floral designs, but the wallet in question was very large–a checkbook-style wallet–and thus didn’t meet my “fitting in the coat pocket” criteria. It caught my best friend’s attention, too. She doesn’t necessarily share my love of pink and flowers, but she adores almost anything blue–particularly pastel shades of it.

The company describes this little brown bunny as “a bright and cheerful girl with good fashion sense.”

This item that caught our attention was not a Hello Kitty product, but actually a design for a lesser-known character called “Marron Cream.” According to the company’s description of her, she’s a girlish French bunny with a penchant for crafting who wears a signature red polka-dot dress. Marron is French for “chestnut,” and she is a chestnut colour~ I think her name might also be a nod to the Mont Blanc dessert–puréed and sweetened chestnuts topped with whipped cream.

All of the “50th Anniversary” Maroon Cream items have this pattern. I particularly like that it’s coated fabric, so it doesn’t get soaked from snow or rain.

Marron Cream’s character goods are delightfully floral and sweet~ I feel like they have an “idyllic countryside” feeling. She’s often featured on stationery, lunch accessories, handkerchiefs, and tote bags. I wish she was more popular–there’s a certain style to her products that I don’t often see from Hello Kitty or the other prominent characters.

Now that I have the totebag, which has quickly become my new favourite, I find myself wanting other cute Marron Cream goods~ The totebag is perfect for carrying my knitting. It has one small pocket on the inside, which I use to keep lip balm or other small items from falling into the bottom. The lining is a matching blue with cute little white ribbon bows printed onto it~ I like the depth of the bag–I don’t have to worry about balls of yarn flying across the L car if I give them a sharp tug while working on a project. (I seem to do most of my knitting on the bus or on the L, so this is very important~)

I did also manage to find a new wallet~ (Along with a number of other items I wasn’t necessarily looking for… that’s just how Sanrio gets me.) The new wallet is much larger than my old one, but still fits into my pocket.

Sugarbunnies Hard at Work
These little cutouts of Shirousa and Kurousa are perfect for my desk~

The store that I frequent usually attaches little “extras” to the outside of the shopping bag, secured with a sticker. This time the extras were stand-ups of Shirousa and Kurousa, the Sugarbunnies~ ♥ I didn’t know what to do with them when I first assembled them, but I realized they’d be perfect decorations for my desk at work. They sit ontop of my tower and make me smile even when it hasn’t been the best day~

The illustration of Marron Cream was taken from the Sanrio character website.