Charming Activities: Poupee Girl

Charming Activities: Poupee Girl

I know that I am not the only lolita who has some level of addiction to Poupée Girl. I joined before there was an English language option, awkwardly attempting to use my ineffectual-at-best Japanese skills to figure out what I could and could not upload. (Due to this I’ve always erred on the side of caution. I don’t want to get brown-boxed!) I eagerly watch the Poupée Girl LiveJournal community on my friendslist, looking to catch news or updates the way some people watch stock information!

I love Poupée Girl because of the clothing focus! I like sifting through other people’s wardrobes–especially if they have beautiful or creative things. I don’t care much about the quality of photos, but I do find myself less-than-inclined to comment or suteki if there is a lot of “junk” in the closet. (That’s a very subjective qualifier, but I don’t think objectivity is always necessary with a game like this.)

I’m not very addicted, though. I’ve never bought jewels even though jewel-only items are tantalizing. I don’t spend a lot of time on the website, and (my constant sadness…) I almost NEVER get perfect attendance. ;_; I think I’ve managed it four times, total, but I’ve been playing Poupée Girl since September 2007. (The last time I had perfect attendance was July 2009… u_u)

This is one of my favourite dress-ups~ ♥ This dress was my “holy grail” for a very, very long time. When it was first released it was very expensive–too many ribbons for my taste! I was lucky when my former roommate bought it for me. Transferring it from her account to mine at a low ribbon cost was tricky and involved very quick timing!

I always skip over closets that have illegal items. Until the doll category was done away with, I used to see action figures and all kinds of other non-fashion-related toys, which seemed “wrong” even though they weren’t officially banned. My biggest pet peeve, however, is when people mispronounce “poupée” as “poopy” instead of “poopay.” The Japanese spelling, “pupe,” ought to be an indication.

I have my account linked on the sidebar of the blog~ I like seeing my poupée greeting me when I check here… even if she’s wearing an outfit I coordinated days ago. I’ve already ruined my chances for perfect attendance in April, but maybe May will be a more auspicious month for me. (Maybe!)