Charming Activities: Letter Writing

Charming Activities: Letter Writing

One of my favourite activities is exchanging letters~ There’s such a lovely thrill that comes from opening the mailbox and finding something other than bills or advertisements. It’s even better if that “something” is a cutely-decorated envelope containing a hand-written note from a dear friend! (Especially if they use adorable stationery.)

Although letter writing is out-of-fashion due to constant raise in stamp prices and the benefits of instant communication on the internet, it’s a bit of old-fashioned indulgence that I really enjoy having as part of my life. I’m always looking for pen pals, especially other girls that like lolita fashion and cupcakes! ♥ However, it can be a bit hard to find someone to keep up the correspondence with you–several of my former pen pals disappeared into oblivion after a few letters. I’ll admit that I may not always respond with promptness, but I do try my best.

Some of my favourite places to get stationery from are Sanrio, especially at one of their stores! Although I do like Hello Kitty, I usually opt for Sugarbunnies–I think their designs are cuter for paper and envelopes! I try to pick up matching or coordinating stickers, as well, so I can apply them liberally to the letters. San-X also makes awesome stationery; they’re definitely giving Sanrio a run for their money when it comes to cuteness! It’s a bit harder for me to find San-X goods in the US, but some websites carry a decent selection. I usually check stores in Chinatown or other novelty stores.

Of course, it can also be fun to make your own stationery! You can use artistic skill and draw your own pictures onto blank sheets of paper and envelopes. (If you’re not very good at using traditional media, it’s possible to design stationery on the computer and print it up! You could even decorate it a bit after it’s been printed–maybe with glitter, small rhinestones, or gel pens.) Another easy way is with cute stickers; when applied to blank stationery, they add a personal touch and can be arranged neatly for special writing supplies made exactly how you want them.

One of the most important things about letter writing is to make sure your letter provides a conversation that the recipient can continue. Ask questions, request their opinion, or provide topics that give your friend a place to start when returning your letter. A one-sided letter can be a bit difficult to reply to! However, don’t be afraid to answer questions briefly if there is something else you really wanted to say. Oftentimes there isn’t much space in a letter to really document everything you had in mind, so make sure anything at the forefront of your mind gets onto that paper.

There’s something very relaxing and enjoyable about sitting down with a cup of tea, pretty stationery, a nice pen, and completing and decorating a heartfelt letter to a friend! ♥ I think it’s well-worth the cost of a stamp.

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  1. Cute article. While I never manage to do it, I love writing letters. I hoard cute stationary and stickers, and it's just so satisfying to be able to use it sometimes!

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