Daily Life: Sick is Perhaps Less Fluffy

Daily Life: Sick is Perhaps Less Fluffy

I’m afraid I haven’t posted in a while. I certainly haven’t run out of things to say, nor has my interest in lolita fashion dwindled. I’ve just been rather sick. ;_;

I suppose the most “lolita” thing about being ill is drinking lots and lots of tea! Thankfully I have many different flavors, so even 8 or so cups a day doesn’t get boring, and plenty of teacups. (Although I’m afraid that allows the dishes to pile up when I’m feeling very poorly.) I’m almost out of honey, though, having used it copiously to soothe sore throats.

Despite all this, I did host a casual, regularly-scheduled meetup over the weekend. It only lasted for a few hours, so I managed pretty well~ There were some other events going on that weekend, so only a handful of my friends showed up for a cookie swap. That’s alright, though, since I have a teeny-tiny apartment and not a lot of seating! We spent the afternoon flopped all over the floor, trying not to melt from the heat; thankfully the temperature stayed manageable in my house. I also prepared plenty of iced tea to keep things on the cooler side.

Everyone brought cookies one way or another (one of my close friends is a pastry chef, so she came with enough cookies to sink a ship!) and there were lots of varieties. I ate more than my share of sweets, which wasn’t very good for my cold but was very good for my soul~ ♥ There were multi-colored lemonade-flavored pinwheels, pink coconut crisps, buttery spritz cookies, oatmeal chocolate-chip cookies, and frosting-sandwich cakies. The lemonade cookies stole the spotlight–even from a massive pink cake shaped like one of Baby, the Stars Shine Bright‘s bunny-bear backpack purses!

I absolutely love having people over for tea, regardless of our attire. The four hours that were passed on the floor of my apartment, with plenty of tea and cookies, and a distracted viewing of Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain brightened my entire weekend~ I didn’t feel so sniffly or choke-y amidst the pleasant conversation and laughter. Not to mention that my house still has lots of cookies–maybe there is such a thing as too many!

It’s a little bit hard to feel at one’s frilliest when one is feeling under the weather, so I try to enjoy a few moments–like the crafternoon with my friends–or cheer myself up with a few momentos–such as using a pretty teacup or wearing cute socks on chilly toes. However, I’d much rather get better quickly than stress myself out too much trying to maintain a fancy outfit when I’d much rather be in pyjamas! Hopefully I’ll be back to better very quickly–my throat could use a rest from all this coughing.

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