Outfit Snap: Going to a Barbeque

Outfit Snap: Going to a Barbeque

Red Bow Double Bunny
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This month’s Crafternoon ended up being less crafts and more fun-get-together-that-was-rather-Labor-Day-ish. Someone generously hosted a barbeque at their house, which was quite a treat since most of the city lolita live in apartments that don’t allow grills or have space to gather people for that kind of thing. There was a lovely courtyard with plenty of space for tables and chairs (and already with a grill).

Luckily, it even had pretty decor worth taking pictures with! Miss Nena kindly took many pictures for me. I had forgotten to take any before I left the house, so it was certainly appreciated!

I had planned on wearing an entirely different outfit, but when I went to try it on it simply didn’t fit. I looked awkwardly swamped everything–like I was a child playing dress-up in my mother’s closet. (Although that would mean I must have one heck of a frilly-frilly mother.) I tossed together this outfit very quickly, right before we had to run out the door.

This is the first time I’ve had to wear the cutsew given to me by my dear little sister from her trip to Japan in the early summer. The sailor collar is absolutely my favourite part–I love sailor outfits! It really added a different take to the red jumperskirt that I’ve worn many, many times. I almost didn’t wear the large satin bow from the cutsew, but I’m glad I did. It added a nice touch. ♥

Mallow has a visitor in this picture–Miss Nena’s teeny-tiny pink bunny-bear-bag. It’s so cute, but so very impractical as well.

This picture shows off my new haircut pretty well! (Although I’ve had this haircut for a month now…but even though I chose this style because I love lolita so much, I didn’t have a chance to wear lolita fashion since I got the haircut!) I spent some time on my hair, which is rather unusual. I slept in foam rollers to get more than just one ringlet for each pigtail, although the pigtails are nothing new and exciting–but I like wearing them~ ♥

2 thoughts on “Outfit Snap: Going to a Barbeque

  1. Your hair is adorable, I have a wig in that manner of style. It reminds me of the old school days. ^^
    I am also curious about how you got captions on your image? I have been trying several codes but none of them work for me.

  2. @ Maria ♥: I get captions on my images by doing the following–
    I upload my images to Flickr, and from the image's page, I use the "blog this" feature above the picture. Then, I type my intended post in the area that appears next. If you don't require tags or anything else, the caption will show up perfectly under the image.

    However, if you need to add tags or change formatting, there's another step to keep the caption from disappearing. Once I publish the post, I go to Blogger's "edit posts" screen. From there, I add any tags, clear up any formatting, and (this is important), HIGHLIGHT the caption text and change the font size. Due to the way Flickr formats things, if you edit the post without changing the font size of the caption, it will become invisible. It has to do with the div and span attributes, but I haven't bothered to figure out which one, so I don't change it manually.

    I'm sure that was confusing, but I hope it was at least a little helpful!

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