On Being Lolita: Lucky Pack Madness

On Being Lolita: Lucky Pack Madness

Lucky Pack season is always one of the most hectic times of the lolita calendar year. Until recently, that season was only at the end of the year, when Lucky Packs were offered by Japanese stores than just lolita fashion retailers. This summer, however, that has been far from true–several brands have been releasing Lucky Packs during the summer. BABY, the Stars Shine Bright was the last to offer these secret packages, both online and in their new store in San Francisco, USA.

Lucky Packs have always intrigued me. As a little girl I would often buy a “secret bag” from the Sanrio store–paying a few dollars for a decorated paper shopping bag without knowing what kind of small items I could look forward to. Even now, I get excited about the possible savings to be had from purchasing a Lucky Pack AND the mystery and surprise of not knowing what items will be unwrapped. (A Lucky Pack is a sealed bag full of a certain yen-value of clothing and accessories, purchased at a VASTLY discounted rate because the buyer does not know which items will be in the package!)

Despite how much I love Lucky Packs, Lucky Packs do NOT like me. I purchased a few at the beginning of my involvement in lolita fashion–one from Metamorphose and one from Angelic Pretty.

The Metamorphose pack contained a white short-sleeved blouse, mocha bloomers, and a black velvet skirt. The skirt had an elastic waistband too large for me, and the fabric was SO heavy that it pulled itself right off–even over my petticoat! I kept the blouse, as it was one of the first blouses I owned, but it wasn’t really my style and didn’t really fit properly. The blommers were the one thing I kept–the color doesn’t match anything I own, but they’re super-comfy and have gorgeous mocha lace at the bottom.

I found the Angelic Pretty bag on Yahoo!Japan Auctions. I didn’t worry too much about buying it, because I had seen Lucky Pack contents–which were lovely matching sets of a hairbow, one-piece, socks, and a totebag. I thought I’d be safe…but I wasn’t! My Lucky Pack had a different one-piece in the black x white colorway, two gray tartan hairbows in different styles with different patterns of tartan, and a tan totebag with a pastel blue print. Nothing matched, and nothing really suited me. I ended up giving most items to my little sister; we eventually traded one-pieces and she absolutely ADORES the one she got from me.

Despite this, I found myself really tempted by the Lucky Packs offered by BABY, the Stars Shine Bright. I like the sets they offer, although I worry that my poor luck would strike again, giving me items in a colorway I won’t enjoy wearing. At the same time, there’s a chance to get some really lovely items at a greatly reduced price. I actually have a little bit of spending money again (although I ought to keep saving it up just in case of emergencies), and there’s something so tempting about getting more wardrobe items.

Daily Life: Mmm, Ice Cream

Daily Life: Mmm, Ice Cream

An Original Rainbow Cone
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Today was an enjoyable and interesting day for two reasons: firstly, I saw my little sister ♥, and secondly, I started gradually introducing my workplace to lolita fashion.

My job does not have a dress code, and everything and everyone there is very casual and laid-back. There are some coworkers of mine who wear alternative fashions to work, and no-one gives it much notice. I have really wanted to wear some of my lolita wardrobe to work, but I worried about distracting my coworkers–a full sweet lolita coordinate can be very overwhelming–and I don’t even wear things too “over the top.” Gradually introducing aspects of the fashion seemed like a better choice to me, for a smooth transition to wearing anything I wanted.

I decided to start with a skirt. Lolita skirts are unique, but very easy to coordinate for a toned-down outfit. My goal is to present elements of the fashion to make it so that no-one even blinks twice when I finally come in with a headdress and parasol. I know from experience that hair accessories and knee socks really catch people’s attention, so those were not to be my first endeavor.

I wore my Bodyline-replica of Angelic Pretty’s “fruits parlor,” print, with a yellow-and-white striped mid-sleeve tee-shirt, flat brown shoes, and pigtails. My objective was casual and non-lolita, but with evident lolita fashion influence. (Of course, this would be the day they took my ID photo!! XD I look hilarious on it!)

Surprisingly, one of my coworkers identified my clothing! He started with a casual comment asking where I had gotten my skirt; my response was that it was from a Japanese retailer. Upon hearing that, he went, “Aha! You can’t buy stuff like that around here! That’s that… what’s the name… lolita fashion!” It was quite a shock that he would be spot-on~ (There were no negative connotations or suggestions of fetishes.)

After work, I met my little sister for some tea and coffee at a local shop. I always ♥adore♥ spending time with her! She brightens up my day no matter what~ We talked about lolita, mainly the local community. She expressed an interest in starting a few weekly regularly-scheduled meetups, which I would certainly enjoy, and we discussed the possibility of some kind of casual affair where even the non-fashion-wearing-but-interested would feel welcome to mingle among avid community members. Personally, I love our local community and am always coming up with ridiculous ideas to get us together more often and bring in more interested people~ With the opening of the BABY, the Stars Shine Bright store in San Francisco, I see more and more lolita-potentials coming out of the woodwork; I want everyone to feel welcome and get to know one another!!

I’m going to see her again tomorrow–after another weekend shift at work–we’re sure to scheme up more ideas! Maybe some of them we’ll have a chance to use!