Outfit Snap: Bunnies in the Park

Outfit Snap: Bunnies in the Park

Bunnies in the Park
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It might be a habit often associated with old ladies, but I adore the opera. I sneak tickets away from my father as often as I possibly can, typically trying my best to subject one or another friend to a last-minute evening at the theatre. This year I was lucky enough to attend the Lyric Opera‘s “Stars of Lyric Opera at Millennium Park” when some of my friends decided to organize a picnic. ♥

Despite the fact that it’s not anything really “special,” I am quite proud of this outfit because it was mostly coordinated by my dear person. I had to head to the park immediately after work, but I wasn’t ready at all. He brought me an entire outfit–petticoat, shoes, and all! There was even a selection of makeup and hair accessories. I ended up changing in the bathroom of a Panda Express, and still managed to look presentable~

Although they’re hard to see, I just bought these socks from my little sister. She had purchased them during her study-trip in Japan when she purchased the Cherry Berry Bunny jumperskirt I’m wearing. The Angelic Pretty shopgirls insisted that these socks match, but she felt she had been too pursuaded by them. I agree that the socks don’t really match, but I wanted to see if they could be coordinated with it–and I don’t think they’re half-bad.

(It’s hard to see, but the socks are pink and white stripes, with pink lace and small red bows at the top. Around the ankle is a white “band” edged in the slightest red ruffle, with strawberries woven into the side facing out. They’re quite detailed socks!)

I love wearing fluffy, pink things, so this outfit made me extra happy! ♥

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