Rose-Tinted Living: Fancy TOOTHPASTE?

Rose-Tinted Living: Fancy TOOTHPASTE?

Breath Palette in Action!
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I am an avid reader of the LiveJournal community lifestyle_lolis, despite the fact that I don’t consider myself to be a “lifestyle” lolita and can typically be heard refuting the concept of “lifestyle lolita.” (This is a topic for another post, which I really ought to get around to writing! I am sure my stance will be misinterpreted with such a brief comment, but I need to plan the article out carefully–perhaps this weekend?) I joined the community because I adore the work of Vivien of Candy Violet, and her posts within lifestyle_lolis make my heart flutter~ ♥

My little sister also loves the community, so we were both VERY excited to find–while randomly browsing a department store–something very fitting for a “lifestyle” lolita: tea-flavored toothpaste.

Actually, the toothpaste, sold by the Japanese company Breath Palette, comes in MANY more flavors than just tea. It was the tea, strawberry, and honey flavors that caught our attention most. (Indian curry is not a particularly lolita-esque flavor, although it may be exciting and delicious!)

We purchased one teeny-tiny tube of the toothpaste (which is approximately $5 for 25g) in the flavor “lemon tea.” We both suspected it to be more gimmick than anything, and our expectations were not very high. We were pleasantly surprised to discover that the taste of the toothpaste is very true to the labeled flavor, AND it is refreshing and cleans like a toothpaste ought to. I even made my person try it out without telling him much about it, and he confirmed that it tastes like black tea with lemon!

One of my favourite things about lolita fashion is the girlish, frilly side of things–and I certainly think a toothpaste with a sweet, unique taste compliments that kind of aesthetic~ It’s the kind of frivolity I enjoy occasionally indulging in. It adds a bit of extra charm to a normally boring part of one’s daily toilette.

2 thoughts on “Rose-Tinted Living: Fancy TOOTHPASTE?

  1. So if it's from a Japanese brand, this could probably be found in Japan. I am SO keeping my eyes peeled for this flavoured toothpaste!!! XD

    I'm undecided about the concept of lifestylers. Before I was totally against the very thought of it but now it's just… ah, whatever. I should write a post about that too I guess. 😛

  2. @ Maria ♥:

    I hope you can find this toothpaste! It's fun~

    I really want to get my side of the "lifestyle lolita" concept out in ample detail. I'm certainly not AGAINST it, as I think people should live in the least-harmful way that makes them happy, but I have some objections to the label.

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