Outfit Snap: I ♥ Shirololi!

Outfit Snap: I ♥ Shirololi!

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October has been a crazy month for me! I have really neglected this blog, but I haven’t forgotten about it! However, I’ve been working eight or more hours six days a week…and spending another six hours in class over the week…so I have had very little time to myself. I keep thinking of lolita-related topics I want to address here, but I can’t seem to pull my thoughts together by the time I get home from work.

However, I had this weekend off, so I decided to have as much fun as possible! At the end of last year I purchased a ball-jointed doll from Rosette Doll. Since her arrival, I’ve really wanted to attend a ball-jointed doll meetup with the Chicago community. They seemed like nice people. (And I wanted to see more dolls in person!) So I decided to attend a ball-jointed-doll meetup on Saturday.

I really wanted to wear lolita fashion over the weekend, but going to the meetup meant I had to head out to the suburbs. That is a trip involving several trains and an eventual pick-up from the station that’s about half and hour from my mother’s house. Also, it’s been raining like crazy. I decided to take a chance and wear lolita, so I stuffed my backpack until it looked ready to burst (frills and petticoats will do that to a bag…) and trekked out to the suburbs with my fiancé.

I don’t regret it at all! I LOVE getting dressed up, and this is one of my favourite dresses, so I can’t be in anything but a wonderful mood when I wear it! The doll meetup ended up taking place at the local Japanese market, and I ate lunch at the food court beforehand. I’ve been going to this market since I was a toddler, and I can never pass up the chance for cheap, decent sushi. It was nice to be back there when wearing lolita, because there are several employees who like to talk to me and get disappointed if I’m in “normal” clothes. :3 (Sometimes I wish I could dress them up! They’re such cuuuuuuute girls!! n_n)

I don’t like that my sweater doesn’t match, but I didn’t worry about it too much. It was much too cold outside to go without! I had to leave early to change before the evening, though. I work at an observatory, and lolita skirts plus being up inside the dome equals far too much opportunity for people to look up my skirt. :/ And it’s COLD out there!

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