Outfit Snap: Autumn's First Crafternoon

Outfit Snap: Autumn's First Crafternoon

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This past Sunday was a Crafternoon, as the first Sunday of the month! I really adore these meetups. Even though there is always an intention to partake in a craft, usually it just involves hanging out and enjoying each other’s company. We spent a good portion of the afternoon crammed onto the couches of our friends’ house, watching Ghostbusters and later Sleeping Beauty. Due to the general nature of the Crafternoon, I try not to be overdressed. It’s no fun to be left out due to worrying too much about your clothing.

I wore my favourite dress, but I didn’t necessarily coordinate it in the best manner I could have. Instead, I just wore this pink, bow-bedecked Angelic Pretty one-piece with white tights, pink shoes, and pink hairbows. I also had a pink sweater that I spent a good portion of the day in, but I took it off for picture since it’s fairly shapeless.

My petticoat is still in need of repairs. I really ought to replace it, but I keep thinking that mine can just be fixed. I suppose that’s my next mission… although I’m not sure what kind of petticoat I’d replace mine with, anyway. I have a custom extra-poof petticoat from In the Starlight, although I’ve been considering one of the Malco Modes petticioats (the models sold by Candy Violet). I do like poof, but I’m not so sure of my ability to adjust any necessary adjusting…

3 thoughts on “Outfit Snap: Autumn's First Crafternoon

  1. Craft meetups are my favorite kind, it reminds me of like… in the olden days how women would get together to quilt or sew or embroider and gossip together.

    Hey, I noticed you have a Twitter – would it be terribly rude of me to request that you tweet your blog posts? That way I won't accidentally miss them. ^.^

  2. @ Anonymous:

    Sure, I'll tweet my blog posts. :3 That's no problem at all!

    I definitely agree that craft meetups feel like a "sewing bee" or "quilting bee." That's what I love about them!

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