On Being Lolita: Lucky Pack Lessons

On Being Lolita: Lucky Pack Lessons

Lucky Pack Anticipation
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Despite my historic lack of success with lucky packs, I couldn’t resist the recent lucky packs offered by BABY. I tried; I really did, but I thought my little sister was going to order one and I just had to get one for myself. We’re always trying to acquire matching items, although we’re not as successful as we’d like to be. I thought that with matching lucky packs we’d have at least some kind of chance for more matching items, but she didn’t end up ordering one.

And, as I actually did anticipate, I don’t care much for the contents of mine! Oh well~ It was still nice to get a package in the mail–especially one that contained something lolita fashion-related–after such a long period of having absolutely no spending money. (I love my job, even though I’ve been working a lot of overtime lately.)

I ordered the Snow Dot set, which was guaranteed to have either a Snow Dot jumperskirt or one-piece, then a random cutsew and random hair accessory.

I thought I would get a t-shirt, since that is the kind of cutsew that most people appear to have received, but that didn’t end up happening. (I was, stupidly, looking forward to a t-shirt to wear with my jeans…) Instead, my cutsew ended being a highly-shirred pink top with rows of lace. It’s cute, but anything with all-around shirring looks incredibly awkward and ill-fitting on me.

My hair accessory ended up being a really cute headband with a ruffle of black eyelet lace. On the right side there are two tiny bows of grosgrain ribbon~ It’s adorable, but I never wear black! I’ll probably pawn it off on my little sister, since she wears black and white almost exclusively.

The final piece was the Snow Dot jumperskirt, which is an absolutely lovely design, in their dark pink “cherry” colorway. I’m torn about this item. I really, really like the jumperskirt itself. The design of the Snow Dot series is why I ordered this lucky pack. However, the color is so dark that I don’t think I’ll really wear it very much. Unless I coordinated it entirely with white, I’d have to buy new items just to match it–and they wouldn’t match anything else I own. I like to keep my things in a general scheme so they coordinate with each other–it makes my wardrobe feel much bigger than it actually is. It’s disappointing to want to wear an outfit and think “Oh, darn–I need something to complete this…”

Maybe I’ve learned my lesson this time around with the lucky packs. …Or maybe I haven’t! I always think about the deals I might receive instead of the disappointments I’ve had in the past~

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  1. I personally think you're so lucky to get that JSK in that color! I love the uniqueness of that color so much! True, that it's hard to match, but I really bet you could have some fun with it.

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