Outfit Snap: Happy Arrival

Outfit Snap: Happy Arrival

Giant Box of Happiness
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Recently, I ordered something ridiculous and extravagant. Something beyond lolita clothing. I ordered a ball-jointed doll.

Now, I have owned a ball-jointed doll. She was gorgeous and wonderful, but ultimately she didn’t fulfill what I really wanted from a doll, and thus I sold her. I had planned to try again and buy another doll in the near future, but luck happened to provide me unexpectedly with an auction for a doll that seemed to meet my wishes. I bid on it, won, and thus began the waiting game~

I decided to dress up yesterday because I felt like the doll would be arriving soon; I wanted to add a little good luck to my day. I always feel better when I wear lolita fashion–it makes me confident and optimistic regardless of circumstances. So I tumbled into my favourite one-piece, pulled on a pair of socks that I don’t coordinate with nearly enough, and clipped small bows into my hair. I always did like the hair accessories that Candy Violet made, and I’m glad I purchased these little bows while they were still available.

Once dressed, I cleaned the house and wished very hard that my package would arrive…and it worked! (I was pretty surprised!!)

My dress and socks are Angelic Pretty; my hairbows are Candy Violet; and the box holds my beautiful wonderful adorable new Volks “Nagisa in Preschool.”

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