Outfit Snap: Ivory Velveteen

Outfit Snap: Ivory Velveteen

20100103 Velveteen Skirt
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For the January crafternoon, I picked my outfit based on convenience more than being as fluffy and frilly as possible. I had to go to work before I could head to the meetup, and there wasn’t enough time to change between the two. (Besides, I hate lugging stuff around, and carrying an extra outfit–especially one involving a petticoat–would have been too much.)

This skirt is a lovely gift from my little sister. It’s BABY, the Stars Shine Bright, in a traditional style that they have released in many fabrics for different years. Mine is a creamy ivory velveteen, with sheer fabric ruffles peeking out at the bustled back. I don’t own a lot of things in this color, so I coordinated it with a sweater I recently got and some knit tights. It was very casual, but comfy and not work-inappropriate.

I plan on getting some kind of cutsew or knit top to wear with this on a more regular basis. I’d really like one of the bustier-style tops that BtSSB has released in the past, but I haven’t seen them do one of those in a while and the fabric would need to match or it would look silly.

I still really need a new petticoat, since mine is in the shop and I’ve been wearing my definitely-not-poofy backup. ;_; 2010 needs to be the year of the new petticoat!

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