Outfit Snap: Snowy Berry Bunny

Outfit Snap: Snowy Berry Bunny

Winter Coat of Coatness

In honor of a day off (hooray!) I dressed up. I spent the whole day with my person, which always makes me happy. To add to the joy of the day, I wore my Cherry Berry Bunny jumperskirt. This probably qualifies as my “dream dress” even though I’d like to think that the Twinkle Mermaid jumperskirt is my dream. (I doubt that I will ever see a Twinkle Mermaid jumperskirt for sale that won’t cost some incredibly overinflated price.) I love the artwork for this print, even though I’m not really fond of prints in general. I guess I just can’t resist adorable bunnies! ♥

I paired it with my white long-sleeved Christmas present blouse. There’s just something invaluable about a truly long-sleeved blouse in the wintertime; I find that when I wear my detachable-sleeve blouses the wind sneaks in where the sleeves attach! I usually wear long-underwear in the winter, but sometimes that’s not enough when there’s a harsh chill–even indoors. I’m really thankful for this blouse~

Snowy Berry Bunny

Since it’s cold outside, my coordinations always involve my winter coat! I really feel that this coat is one of the most valuable lolita garments I’ve ever purchased. It was expensive, but worth every penny! I love having a coat that fits well over my clothing (normal coats always gape at the bottom or scrunch up funny over the volume of a petticoat) and looks finished. Sometimes I’ve spotted a coat that could fit over a lolita coordination, but usually those coats have no shape. With the “poof” of lolita clothing underneath, it’s very unflattering–it makes people look like blobs.

Of course, my feelings towards this coat might not be as glowing if it weren’t for the best part–my earmuffs. My coat has a matching earmuff-headdress, which works very well to keep my ears from freezing. I find that I’m most uncomfortable in inclement weather if my extremities (toes, fingers, ears, etc.) are cold; it’s definitely easy for them to be cold, too! Wearing these earmuffs keeps my ears from hurting, thus I can have more fun out in the snow. Since it’s a headdress, instead of a headband, it can fold up to fit in my pocket when I’m not wearing it. I wish I had another one of these to match my normal coat! (I should make one…)

Frilly Snow Time

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