On Being Lolita: Usakumya’s Evil Clutches

On Being Lolita: Usakumya’s Evil Clutches

Before I started wearing lolita, I really disliked plush purses and bags. I loved stuffed animals, especially as a small child, but I was absolutely horrified at the thought of unzipping something cute and reaching my hand inside. It seemed like invasive, unwanted surgery! (These kinds of thoughts came from the fact that my childhood stuffed bear constantly developed holes, and needed to have his stuffing removed, replaced, and be sewn. Traumatizing!)

However, I have completely fallen in love with the BABY, the Stars Shine Bright usakumya (“bunny bear”) bags. Any of them! All of them!

When I first saw one in print, I was unimpressed, thinking, “it’s a $200 stuffed animal with red eyes.” When I saw one in person, I still wasn’t impressed. The more I met other people’s bunny bears, the more my mood changed. They’re cute. They’re soft. They’re SO BIG. (At least the first ones~) I loved to hold and pet other people’s bunny bears, daydreaming about a tea party attended by only me and a plethora of usakumya~ Yet I didn’t buy one. My common excuse for not getting one was, “I won’t treat it like a nice accessory–I’ll cuddle it, get it dirty, and wonder why I spent $200!”

My excuse has lasted, but not for too long. My little sister bought one when she was in Japan, and the more I play with hers the more I really wish I had one. (Even moreso because it would be twintastic!) Then another friend started collecting the “mini-mini” versions–the ones that can’t even fit a tube of lip balm–and I cannot stop staring at them with dazzled eyes. I accidentally took one home with me, and returned it promptly–but already I couldn’t stop that “uwaaaa~” kind of feeling inside that comes from super-super-super cute irresistible things.

Still the Same

Now I want a white one to match hers, since we already having matching bunny pochettes, Mallow and Liquorice~ Of course, they’re sold out on the website, but I am wishing-wishing-wishing for them to be re-released. They’ve been re-released several times, always selling out, so I can only hope that the company will make a sound business decision. My back-up plan has involved fluttering around my mother and stepfather, trying to persuade them that they would absolutely love to purchase one for me if there are any at the BtSSB Paris store. It’s not a very good plan, though… maybe in a few weeks I’ll get serious and start looking for one second-hand!

Somehow the bunny bear just seems so much cuter to me than some of the other stuffed animal bags. I’m not very fond of the Angelic Pretty purses, even though they have such cute designs, because they rarely seem to be of a higher quality. Every usakumya that I’ve touched has been soft, with a subtle nubbed texture. The lace trimmings on the hood are lovely, and the straps and hardware are better than the average backpack. A friend’s Milky-chan purse, on the other hand, looked and felt very much like the kind of plush animal purse sold at toy stores–although the fawn herself was adorable!

Ah, usakumya~ Someday we will be together! ♥

6 thoughts on “On Being Lolita: Usakumya’s Evil Clutches

  1. Usakumya! I want one of the big big size ones too T^T I saw one of the mini mini size ones that a local loli got is Japan, and it is SO SMALL but SO CUTE!

    I used to think that having them be hollow was strange too… but now I think I love animal bags *u*

  2. @ Belinda: The big ones are my favourite!

    @ sparklewolfie: The mini-mini are adorable, aren't they? I love playing with my friend's mini-minis–she has all the colours! *_* I almost bought a luckypack just for the mini-mini-mini-mini or whatever BtSSB is calling them.

  3. I just purchased the same one you are playing with in the picture ^_^

    If I have her by the next meet-up you are more than welcome to cuddle her!


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