Charming Activities: 100 Questions Baton

Charming Activities: 100 Questions Baton

I had a hard time passing this up when I saw it posted on EGL. I have edited this baton (meme) from it’s original format, because I removed the Japanese text and adjusted the English text to flow more naturally than a direct translation. :3

1. Screen-name and date of birth, please tell us these~
          Alice (so much for a “screen-name…”) and July 21st~

2. Height, weight, clothing size, and shoe size?
          160cm, secret, 00/extra-small, and US5.

3. Why did you start to dress lolita?
          I love cute, sweet things very intensely, so when I saw sweet lolita I immediately wanted to wear it. This occured briefly after the unachievable yet intense desire to start buying ballet stage costumes and wearing them casually with non-stiff tutus…

4. Which style of lolita do you like?
          SWEET LOLITA! ♥

5. Express in your own words, the ideal of your above answer.
          Angelic Pretty advertisements circa 2007! _ Those really formulated my ideals. I’m not so much for the huge-wigs-print-print-print type of style that have right now, nor the older floral-and-ribbon-lacing influence. I think fondly on peter-pan collars edged in lace, bows topped with bows topped with other bows topped with ribbon bows, and designs that added interest with lace, bows, and pintucks–instead of relying solely on printed designs for interest. In terms of prints, I prefer “cameo”-style emblems to all-over fabric designs. I love tea party shoes and variations on tea party shoes; knee-length skirts and knee-high socks; detachable sleeves, detachable bows, detachable collars, and detachable cuffs; and adorable, but still somewhat natural, hairstyles adorned with headdresses or large bows.

6. Do you have piercings? Where?
          My ears are pierced twice. (I regret that second piercing to this day…) I rarely wear jewelry because I am incredibly allergic–even high-karat gold gives me a reaction. ;;

7. Which brands do you like?
          Angelic Pretty is my absolute favourite, but I also very much like BABY, the Stars Shine Bright. I carry a torch for some Cornet items, but that brand is so very hard to find. ~

8. Which are your favourite clothes (that you have)?
          My pink houndstooth Chocola-chan coat and matching earmuff-headdress. I always say I want to be buried in it–that isn’t a joke. I love it selfishly and don’t want anyone else to wear it when I’m dead!

9. How many lolita friends do you have?
          More than I can comfortably count~ I met the majority of my friends through the fashion.

10. What do you love most about lolita?
          I love being surrounded by frills, ruffles, laces, and bows–and generally looking like I was viciously attacked by a 1950s cake decorator.

11. What do you hate about it? Any pet peeves?
          I hate having to take the time to carefully wash and iron my clothing. I don’t hate it enough to run around looking like I’ve slept in my clothing and rolled around in the mud, but I resent the extra step of taking things to the dry cleaner and pressing out wrinkles.

12. What lolita magazines do you read?
          I read the English version of the Gothic & Lolita Bible. I like to look at the Japanese version and other magazines like Alice Deco, but because I cannot actually read them, I don’t purchase them.

13. Headdresses, bonnets or ribbons/hairbows?
          Headdresses AND hairbows! ♥

14. Do you wear bloomers?
          Always. Petticoats provide very unflattering angles, and I’ve seen the panties of more lolita girls than I ever intended to! (As I intended to see none.) I don’t want a stranger to see mine~

15. Do you tie headdresses at the front or in the back?
          In the back. I just cannot master the under-the-chin tying. Not only do I look ridiculous, it falls off my head!

16. Who is your favourite band/type of music?
          My current favourite band is Lamb of God. I ♥ heavy metal! m/

17. What is your phone ring tone~?
          My phone sounds like an old-fashioned rotary dial phone with actual bells. (I’ve always wanted one of those, but finding a refurbished one that is actually rotary-dial is too expensive for me! This was a good alternative.)

18. Do you go to concerts in lolita?
          No, but I want to! However, I’ve never been to a concert where some stranger didn’t spill at least one beer on me, and I like to mosh, so I don’t want to subject my $200 dresses to that kind of abuse. I’d be so upset if they were damaged~ ;_; I want to buy something inexpensive, but not tacky, to wear at some future concert, so I won’t cry if it is ruined.

19. For people who attend concerts: do you headbang there?
          Hellz yeah! m/ Why would you not headbang at a metal concert?!?

20. What colours do you like?
          I ♥ pink! Not neon pink or dark pink, but soft, sweet blush-pink. I prefer my pink without lavender undertones, as well. White is next up in terms of colors I like. (At least for lolita clothing–my “favourite color” is gray.)

21. What are your hobbies?
          I enjoy baking (and eating) pastries, writing letters, reading novels, doodling when the mood strikes me, and watching action movies! I own a doll, collect My Little Ponies, and have a long-standing infatuation with Sailor Moon.

22. If you have any favourite perfumes, please tell us.
          My favourite perfume (Body Shop’s “Moonflower”) was discontinued a long time ago! I haven’t found a replacement.

23. Is there anything you are careful of in lolita?
          I check before I sit down on the L or bus, and I hold my skirts close to me when I brush up against walls, in case they are dirty. I also don’t stand near people who smoke or places where smoking is allowed. My stepmother smokes, and when I visit it takes days to get the smell out! I pay attention to the terrain, because I know some of my shoes have very little traction; I don’t want to fall and scratch/tear/rip my clothes!

24. Do you have any favourite haunts to go to in lolita?
          I really like going to the Garfield Park Conservatory, because there is a woman there who is very friendly and likes to talk to me when I am dressed up. For the same reason, I enjoy buying groceries at Mitsuwa because there is a cashier who likes it when I wear lolita fashion–when I am in “normal” clothes he usually says that he is disappointed! XD
          Besides that, I like to go to tea at fancy hotels, explore tea shops, or go somewhere for dessert!

25. How many times a week do you dress lolita?
          Roughly 2 to 3, usually. Sometimes more, sometimes less, depending on my schedule.

26. Please tell us an embarrassing story from when you were a lolita beginner.
          At the first meetup I attended, I spent the entire time apologizing for not wearing lolita. I’m sure they all thought I was crazy!

27. What is your current hairstyle and colour?
          Mid-back, with blunt bangs; brown.

28. What is your lolita history?
          I became interested in it in 2005, and started wearing lolita fashion in 2006. I bought my first brand items in 2006, and I started collecting other lolita as “family members” in 2007~

29. Do you store your clothes in a special place?
          I keep a portion of my shared closet devoted my lolita clothing. I try to keep it as neat and pretty as possible.

30. Did you ever think about quitting lolita? What was the reason?
          I’ve considered quitting lolita fashion several times–usually because things are not going well in my life, I don’t have the extra money to spend, and overall I feel discouraged about everything. I think, “I’m not pretty enough to wear it,” “I don’t deserve nice things,” “It doesn’t suit me,” or “I’ve spent money like a fool,” and it makes me want to give up. When I do push myself to wear it, though, I feel much better. I haven’t ever actually quit; until wearing lolita fashion stops making me happy, I want to wear it!

31. What is your motto?
          “Go big or don’t go at all!”

32. What are your dreams of the future?
          Well, my dreams don’t really involve my clothing choices all that much. I’d like to get my CPA and a nice job, and live in a cozy apartment or condominium with my muffin~ ♥ Lolita-wise, I’d like a white usakumya bag and pink x pink Twinkle Mermaid jumperskirt. _

33. “This person is so perfect for lolita!” – Do you ever think that about certain celebrities?
          I don’t pay enough attention to celebrities, so no.

34. Are there any products/items of which you have with a fond memory?
          I have a pink dress from Angelic Pretty that is dear to me because my person bought it as a surprise when Angelic Pretty opened their English online store. I adore my pink and white Angelic Pretty parasol because it was a gift from my little sister, my white long-sleeved BABY the Stars Shine Bright blouse because it was a gift from my mother and stepfather, and my BABY the Stars Shine Bright bunny pochette, Mallow, because he was a gift from my father.

35. What was your first item?
          My very first item was a custom dress from In the Starlight. My first brand item was an Angelic Pretty dress, headdress, and pair of socks.

36. Do you have a signature pose for photos?
          Nope~ Looking stupid with crazed red eyes is, unfortunately, not a pose. ;;

37. What is your heart’s bible? [book/magazine/CD/etc…]
          “The Blue Castle” by L.M. Montgomery

38. What is the best height (cm) for heels?
          I prefer flat shoes.

39. Do you wear tiaras?

40. Do you think you want to try prince style? What kind of prince? Gothic/dark prince? Or “prince on a white horse” style?
          I’m not really interested in wearing prince style or any of the other boy-styles.

41. What types of lace do you like?
          I like most cotton lace, but I really-really like tulle lace with patterns! (The kind Angelic Pretty embroiders with cakes, deer, or other adorable motifs.)

42. Do you own a doll? Does owning it give you fun, childish feelings?
          I do own a doll–a Volks mini super dollfie “Nagisa in Preschool.” She definitely gives me fun, childish feelings~ (Although I haven’t dressed her in lolita fashion…yet.)

43. What is in your lolita bag?
          My cellphone, my house keyes, my bank card, my bus pass, my school & work IDs, my driver’s license, Smith’s Rosebud Salve, and my camera.

44. What is your favourite flower?
          Lilies of the valley~

45. Right now, what is your favourite accessory?
          I really like the look of white pearl and gold jewelry, especially bracelets or dangling earrings! I have a bracelet that I made in those colors, and it seems to match nearly all of my outfits.

46. Please recommend some cosmetics.
          I don’t wear a lot of cosmetics, because I have really severe skin allergies, but I do like Maybelline Great Lash mascara. It’s inexpensive and works very well–I like it more than some of the expensive brands I’ve tried. I also love Urban Decay eyeshadows~ I find myself captivated by their packaging–Too Faced, too. Everything seems so pretty!

47. With eye-tape your eyes look like a doll’s! What eyelashes will you wear?
          The eyelashes that came on my face! :3 Maybe a little bit of black mascara, but probably not.

48. What is your eye makeup for these eyelashes?
          Maybe some white eyeliner. I like white the best.

49. Red Lipstick? Blue? Black? Pink?
          I prefer pink lip gloss, but red lipstick…although I never, ever wear it. I guess I just like having it around!

50. Which nail polish do you normally choose?
          I love nail polish because I am not allergic to it. (Thank you, nails, for being dead cells!!) I usually wear pink~ A friend once raided my bathroom cabinet because she had chipped her nails after getting them done at the salon…and she knew I’d have almost every shade of pink there is! Even though it wasn’t the same kind the salon used, we found the exact same colour to touch it up with.

51. Have you ever changed in a train station bathroom?
          Yes. I don’t plan to do it again.

52. What do you think of “twin” and “triplet” lolitas?
          I love them! It’s so cute! I like twinning with my little sister, but I’ll wear white/pink and she’ll wear black.

53. How do you keep in shape for lolita? Recommend something.
          I do a lot of walking! I take the stairs instead of the escalator or elevator (unless it’s more than 5 floors–like at work). I walk to and from the bus stop or train station in the morning, and I walk to nearly all of my errands.

54. Do you keep calm when you wear lolita alone in public?
          Yes, I do. I try to ignore all the strangers, just blocking them out. It doesn’t matter if they’re amazed or amused–I feel better when I’m not thinking about how people might be critiquing me.

55. How much do you spend per month on clothes/accessories?
          Not very much, really–usually $0. I tend to not buy anything for several months, and then buy maybe $300 – $400 worth of things within a short period.

56. Was there a time lag between knowing about lolita and dressing in the fashion?
          Yes–from going, “ooh, I want to wear this” and receiving my first item, about 6 months.

57. What is your most expensive lolita item?
          My Angelic Pretty pink houndstooth Chocola-chan coat.

58. It takes a lot of money to be a lolita. How do you save?
          I don’t buy coffee in the morning, I pack a lunch, and I typically cook dinner instead of eating out. I don’t spend money on movies, books, or CDs–if I want to read something, I go to the library, and my person buys all the CDs I’d want anyway. I don’t buy expensive gadgets–my computer is old and my phone does not allow internet access. Besides lolita, I rarely purchase clothing. I have two major indulgences–lolita fashion and my doll.

59. Just a little secret here… How much have you spent so far on lolita, roughly?
          I think a little over $2,500… x_x I don’t actually account for it, though–could be more or less.

60. Is there a brand shop you want near where you live?
          I’d love to live near an Angelic Pretty! ♥

61. “Man, what a rip-off!!” Have you ever thought that about a store?
          I feel that way about some Chinese-made shoes. I’ve read so many negative reviews, and my experience was very unpleasant; I won’t buy Montreal brand shoes.

62. Do you shop online? If so, put the good & bad points here to advise others.
          I do shop online. I recommend protecting yourself as a buyer–choose a payment method that won’t disappear without a trace (I will never use Western Union!), request insurance and tracking if it’s something you would hate to see lost in the mail, and don’t let sympathy for sellers cloud your judgment. Too many people lose money because they didn’t receive their item, but they waited too long to get the seller’s side of the story before trying to protect themselves–and by then it was too late!

63. Is there a secret person/shop that you have commissioned a dress just for you from?
          It’s not a “secret person/shop,” but I commissioned a dress from In the Starlight when I started wearing lolita. I also own “Secret Shop” shoes! giggles

64. “I can never have that/see that happening!! But I will always want it!!” Is there a brand you think this of?
          Yes–Metamorphose! Sometimes they produce such GORGEOUS or outrageous outfits that I’d love to own…but their clothing just doesn’t fit me.

65. What do you do with the clothes you don’t want anymore?
          I try to resell them on egl_comm_sales…but usually I pawn them off on my little sister. e_e

66. What is your most recent purchase? (Even non-lolita.)
          A pair of opera-length matte white gloves~

67. Is there an item you love that you can’t buy/seem to find?
          The Angelic Pretty pink x pink Twinkle Mermaid jumperskirt. Although, if I could find it, I could never afford it!

68. What do you think of people who only wear lolita to concerts?
          I don’t care.

69. What do you think of lolitas without makeup?
          I also don’t care.

70. Another lolita is wearing the same coordinate/clothes as you!! What do you do?
          Jump up and down and excitedly announce that we are SECRET TWINZ! 😀 Amazing!

71. What age should you stop wearing lolita?
          I don’t know. I don’t think there’s a specific age–it’s up to the wearer. Some old women already dress like trashy teenagers; I don’t mind if they’d rather dress like fluffy cupcakes.

72. When do you think you should graduate from lolita? And why?
          I think I will graduate from lolita fashion when I look in the mirror and feel uncomfortable. I will probably stop wearing it in public when it might affect my career; I don’t want to have someone’s opinion of me lessened because they see me out of the office wearing pink sparkles. However, I will probably keep some important garments just for me, and wear them at home for my own enjoyment.

73. “You should stop doing that!!! ><” What must a lolita not do?
          I think that someone wearing lolita ought to be mindful of the way they sit. Seeing a prettily-dressed girl (or boy!) slouching down, head dipped down, with their legs spread awkwardly at the base of the chair, is very disappointing. (Also, usually quite revealing!) I can’t tell someone how they may or may not sit, but I always think, “Please, please adjust your skirts and sit nicely!”

74. “A lolita should be ‘this’!” What do you think that should be?
          A lolita should be well put-together. She looks most impressive if she’s thoughtfully coordinated from head to toe!

75. Besides #73, is there anything you should definitely not do while wearing lolita?
          Stomp in brackish rain-puddles. At least not when you might dirty someone else’s socks and clothing.

76. What do you think of men in lolita?
          I don’t mind if they wear it or if they don’t.

77. Did you change yourself to be a lolita?
          Well, I changed my hairstyle–I used to be terrified of having bangs, but I had them cut in August 2009 and I love them! Other than that–no. I didn’t start wearing lolita so I could pretend to be someone else–I just like being a frillier me.

78. What does your family and other people think of you dressing lolita? And do you accept it?
          My family is mostly okay with it. My mother didn’t really approve at first, but after she visited the BABY the Stars Shine Bright store in Paris her mind is very much changed! My father loves it, because I am “sticking it to The Man!” Most of the time, other people don’t care. I accept how everyone may feel about my clothing choice, because I don’t have a right to tell them what they may and may not think.

79. How do you wear lolita in the boiling mid-summer?
          With a few less layers than in winter! I don’t usually get too warm, though, so I still wear blouses with my jumperskirts, and knee socks.

80. Have you gone to school or work in lolita?
          Yes, but I don’t do it often.

81. How do you dress normally?
          Jeans and t-shirts, with or without a sweater. I dislike clothes shopping unless it’s later.

82. Do you think twice about buying second-hand clothes?
          Not really. I try to make smart decisions–ask for pictures, check the measurements, verify that the price isn’t inflated, look into the background of the seller, etc. but I don’t worry that there’s some kind of secret conspiracy determined to ruin me with second-hand clothes.

83. Do you have a boyfriend? (or husband?) Does he understand lolita?
          My husband is very understanding about my “odd” fashion interest. He thinks it is cute and is very encouraging about it. ♥ I don’t think I could really ask for more~

84. Please tell us about your ideal man.
          He lives in my apartment, plays guitar at all hours of the day and night, wears heavy-metal t-shirts and jeans to lolita events, and is the only person ever to really and truly care about me for who I am.

85. What lolita has left a big, shiny impression on you so far?
          Helena! She’s super-super-super nice, dresses so well, and is generally lots of fun to be around! ♥ When I met her I felt like I was meeting a celebrity. _

86. Have you made your own clothes? What are they like?
          I absolutely cannot sew. My total ineptitude is pathetic.

87. Have you made your own accessories? What did you make?
          I have made some glass pearl-and-bead bracelets for myself and several friends. I also made a pair of wrist-cuffs with LOTS of assistance from my little sister, who is a sewing genius.

88. Think about the best item you have made! What is it?
          The “best” would be the bracelets. They look like something you might buy at a store–not something made by a not-terribly-creatively-inclined girl on a whim.

89. Please tell us about the most perfect lolita coordination you wear.
          I don’t think I have any “perfect” coordinations–I am not very creative or unique. I tend to stick to a rather predictable formula of OP or blouse + jsk/skirt, knee socks, and hair accessory. In my opinion, though, my outfits look closer to “perfect” if I have suitable poof from my petticoat! Poof makes it or breaks it for me.

90. Do you admire someone? What are they like?
          I admire many people, but not really related to lolita fashion. (My grandfather is absolutely my biggest role model; I look up to him so much. He’s not AT ALL lolita-related, though! XD)

91. “One day I will go on a date with that person.” What would you like to wear for him?
          I would wear the dress he bought for me, with a pink hairbow atop my head and pink socks with white accents–and white tea party shoes~

92. If you want one, what type of store would you open in the future?
          I’d open a store to sell tea! ♥ I’d love to have a cute little tea-shop~

93. Something catches your eye. What is this motif?
          It’s a bunny. A really, really cute bunny. It may or may not be holding a cherry or strawberry…

94. Would you dress your child in lolita?
          I’m not sure, really. If I have children, I don’t want to force them into things that I like. @@ I don’t need to live through them! I’d like to see what sort of things they’re interested in.

95. How much do you spend on one outfit?
          Eeek, this is a scary question! A lot. @
@ I don’t want to think about it, really! Thankfully almost all of my pieces are multi-purpose, so I don’t have to buy an ENTIRELY new coordination every time.

96. “This is lolita!!” Please say what you would say this about.
          A fluffy, cupcake-shaped petticoat!

97. “I have always wanted to try that once!” What, in the lolita world, have you wanted to try wearing?
          I’ve been very interested, lately, in a more hime type of style. However, I’m not interested enough to really make the investment…

98. Look at yourself in lolita. In one word/phrase, how would you express your style/image?
          Pink fluff ball.

99. What is your lolita ideal?
          Angelic Pretty advertisements circa 2007. ♥ That is what comes to mind for me whenever I think of “perfect lolita outfit!” I love cute, but not too outlandish, garments and coordinations~

100. Thank you for taking this baton!! Tell us what you think!
          I had a lot of fun thinking about how to answer the questions! I will definitely read the answers from other lolita, too~ ♥

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