Outfit Snap: Ring the Wedding Bells

Outfit Snap: Ring the Wedding Bells

Fancy Stairs

I really wanted to write about my wedding, as I was just married on Friday and I wore lolita, but unfortunately I can’t seem to get my thoughts in order~ It seems like as soon as I got back from my extremely short honeymoon (in which I took one day off of work) everything was ready to trample me! Between work and classes, I’ve been so exhausted that when I get home I just want to flop around like a lazy lazybones. I’m also preparing to speak about lolita fashion at the University of Chicago’s UChiCon this Saturday, January 30, 2010!

My wedding wasn’t an elaborate and fancy affair, but I wanted to dress as though it was one! I didn’t make the decision to wear lolita fashion lightly. I only plan on getting married once; I don’t plan on a “do over!” I didn’t want to look back on the pictures, which wouldn’t be professional anyway, and wish I had worn something else! Lolita fashion as been a passion of mine during times of so much happiness, so it means a lot to me. I put a lot of effort into picking the dress I would wear–I wanted it to be ~~special~~, not something that seemed like a normal part of my lolita wardrobe.

When I first saw Angelic Pretty‘s “Lacy Ballerina” jumperskirt in a shop blog post in April 2009, I fell in love! ♥ It was white and frothy, with lace, satin, AND pearls! The design strongly appealed to me–it seemed to draw elements from both a wedding dress and fancy lingerie~ However, it couldn’t have been released at a worse time–I had neither money nor quick means to acquire any, having just sold any “spare” possessions to pay university costs. When I told my person, he surprised me by revealing that he had been saving up for just such an occasion…and soon it was mine! Once it arrived, I hid it in the back of my closet; it was not for wearing on a regular basis.

After that, I slowly started accumulating more items to coordinate with that dress. A beautiful lacy choker with pearl strands and a golden heart pendant~ Then a pair of shoes–something slightly more mature than the bow-topped flats I usually wear with my outfits, although still with a lolita design. Everything built up gradually, whenever I had a bit of spending money and saw something suitable. When we finalized our plans, I didn’t have much time to get things together! I was lucky enough to find gloves at a local store, and I made the hairbow the night before our ceremony.

Pretty Dress, Silly Face

The hairbow was one of my favourite parts! I didn’t want a “head-eating” type of bow, but I needed something I could wear with my intended hairstyle of a high, curled ponytail. I don’t personally care for tiaras, although I’m sure one would look very nice with such a style of dress–it definitely would add a princessy touch! I tried to find a suitable bow, but without having the time to order something online I was at a disadvantage. I thought I could just make one myself, but I found out the night before that mysteriously most of my ribbons are gone! (I formerly had a LOT of ribbons…)

So I spent the evening on the floor, surrounded by various trims, trying to decide what to do. Luckily, I discovered another type of ribbon was made of a very wide white ribbon, so I carefully unstitched it…then ironed the ribbon in my hair straightener. XD Once I formed the bow, I stitched on some pearls–to mimic the style of the waist-bow of the jumperskirt. Then I stitched the bow to a hairclip and anchored it with hot glue; I didn’t want to take any chances. I’m not a very “crafty” person, but I rose to the challenge!

Looking back, I’m very satisfied with my choices! ♥ But of course, I’m happiest to be married to the most wonderful person ever!!!

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  1. You look lovely! Congratulations on your wedding~

    If you don't mind my asking, how old are you? My friend and I read your blog, and thought you were about our age (16)! Either way, you're super cute!

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