Outfit Snap: Valentine’s Red Heart

Outfit Snap: Valentine’s Red Heart

Polka Dot Days

I almost didn’t bother wearing lolita fashion on Valentine’s Day, even though I had been planning for it the moment I started thinking Valentine’s Day thoughts. I was being a bit of a silly, worrying type of girl because my husband slipped on some ice the day before and hurt his ankle. Even though I should have been thinking about how happy I was that we’d be able to spend it together, instead I was worrying about how this would impact the plans I had made.

However, when I got dressed in my non-frilly clothes, he was very surprised and disappointed. “…Why aren’t you wearing lolita?” Ultimately, when I select my clothes he is the one I’m trying to impress. It means a lot to me that my person not only LIKES the aesthetics of lolita fashion, but likes that I wear lolita fashion. I always hear stories that start off as “oh, well, my boyfriend HATES lolita,” so I count myself very lucky to have someone who is so supportive of my interests. ♥ Thus I changed my outfit–and it was definitely a good idea!

Huge Sweater of Doom

I thought this would be a good day to wear one of my cardigans. I’ve wanted a cardigan for a long time, but I didn’t own one until very recently. However, this really wasn’t a good outfit to wear a cardigan with. Almost as soon as I put it on, I felt like it didn’t lay nicely over the bows and what-not on the jumperskirt’s bodice. This would be better over something with less detail, I think.


This blouse is one of my favourite finds. I’m really, really bad at finding things to coordinate into my lolita outfits that didn’t come from a lolita company or seamstress. This blouse, however, is a t-shirt I found at a department store a few years ago. I didn’t change anything about it–it already had puffed sleeves, buttons, and a peter pan collar! It really looks awkward with jeans, because it is extremely long and involves some gathering around the buttoned area, but it works really well under a jumperskirt or with a lolita-style skirt!

I have ribbons in my hair that match the jumperskirt, but they’re very hard to see.

Red always feels like the perfect colour for Valentine’s Day! It’s so cheerful~ I do love pink, but red seems more passionate~ ♥ I’ll probably wear this jumperskirt again next year!

Chocolate Macaron Fairy

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