Outfit Snap: Honey Chai Cherry Rose

Outfit Snap: Honey Chai Cherry Rose

Honey Chai Cupcake

I was only able to dress up one day of my weekend~ Friday involved work in our apartment that kept the door open and absolutely froze everything inside. Thankfully everything went well, so Saturday was all mine for the enjoying–and with actual working heat, no less! I had another lolita over, although she didn’t wear lolita fashion when she came over, but since I met her at a lolita meetup I think it’s a fair enough title. Lolita fashion wasn’t at all the focus of our day together–I was excited that she brought some of her dolls! ♥

I was also excited to wear a dress that I’d been wanting to wear! My little sister and I worked out a not-quite-a-sale-but-not-quite-a-swap transaction amidst the wardrobe collective, and I was thrilled to find that one of the pieces under discussion was a dress I’d been hoping for~ Despite my typical indifference to prints, I think BABY makes some lovely older prints. This dress has a gorgeous design of flowers and cherries that remind me of a painting~ Paired with the bell sleeves, rarely seen in the newer collections for the lolita fashion brands, it stole my heart. ♥

It’s a lovely dress, made of a textured, soft fabric that is extremely comfortable. I know it’s trying to wedge its way into my list of favourites–I can already tell. I coordinated it with plain white lace-topped socks (well, there is a design up the back, but it’s invisible here). I wanted to wear a more detailed pair, since I own two pairs of pink socks that have rose motifs, but I couldn’t decide if they looked alright. The ribbons in my hair were given to me by a friend–they’re from another BABY item, and they matched those on the one-piece perfectly! ♥

I hope I can keep up this trend! I’m already having so much fun; it’s nice to know everything is being put to use~

The Pink Cherry Bouquet

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