Outfit Snap: Sweet Pink Weekend

Outfit Snap: Sweet Pink Weekend

I really intend to post these outfit snaps earlier than I do, ideally on the day I take the pictures, but I tend to get rather side-tracked. This past weekend (my weekend is Friday & Saturday, because I work on Sunday) I decided to wear lolita fashion both days. I feel pretty good about keeping up with actually wearing my clothing more frequently in 2010~ I really adore lolita, but it seems that the less frequently I wear it, the more likely it is that negative feelings will start to creep up on me. Getting dressed up dispels all that in an instant!

Can't Think of a Title

On Friday I opted for something more casual. For me, a casual outfit is one in which I don’t wear my lolita coat over it when I go out. If I wear it with my normal coat, it’s casual. I feel that a skirt and cardigan is pretty casual, unless you take the time to accentuate the rest of the coordinate. It would have been a bit less casual if I had worn a proper blouse, with the blouse’s collar laid over the cardigan’s collar, but even then my cardigan doesn’t have a very formally lolita look to it.

I actually wore this to clean my house! I got into a cleaning kick that day and scrubbed the place from top to bottom–including the baseboards in the bathroom, which were really icky! x_x So much hair, and almost all of it mine! I hadn’t noticed due to the dark floor…

Fluffy Dress and Hair

On Saturday, I dressed up more formally, even though I didn’t attend the local meetup. (I really should have gone–everyone told me it was a lot of fun! I didn’t even have a good excuse; just decided to stay home. My husband’s ankle still isn’t 100% better, and I didn’t want to ditch him at home while I had fun. But he certainly wouldn’t have objected to my going, and it would have been more affordable for just me.)

Although I adore Angelic Pretty, my heart doesn’t belong to extravagant prints and bright pop colours. I love their garments with exquisite trim and interesting design elements. I like pintucks, ruffles, scalloped edges, bows, laces, and ribbons~ ♥ I also adore soothing pastels and solid-colour dresses~ My second outfit that weekend was chosen in homage to these elements of sweet lolita that I love.

I wore a long-sleeved blouse from BABY, the Stars Shine Bright under an Angelic Pretty one-piece. I really enjoy coordinating blouses with one-pieces–as long as the one-piece has a square or sweetheart neckline, the peeking collar of a Peter Pan blouse really changes the appearance! I also love gathered sleeves, with the bands of elastic that “poof” the sleeve at different points down the arm. It really reminds me of the outfits more common in older issues of the Gothic & Lolita Bible.

Mallowtastic Snuggles

I accessorized my hair, extra-wavy and poofy from the braids I had worn the previous day, with a large bow. I wish I owned a pink headdress–if I had, I would have worn that! I really love headdresses, even though they are so unpopular nowadays~ ♥ A headdress would have increased the “old-school” elements of this outfit. So would extremely-decorated pink platform shoes, or rocking-horse ballerinas~! (Unfortunately, I own neither AND wore my snowboots that day.)

And, I carried Mallow. I didn’t take pictures with him on his strap, as a proper pochette, but just some silly ones. I really enjoyed taking them! The final image is my favourite–I wish it had turned out clearer so I could make an icon or something~ ♥ Even if I am ever lucky enough to acquire an usakumya, I will still adore my pochette. He’s so sweet and tiny~ I’d love to have a pochette-picnic with my friends, since several of them own the same bunny! Maybe someday…

Alice ♥ Mallow

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