Outfit Snap: Birthday Cake Ruffles

Outfit Snap: Birthday Cake Ruffles

My birthday this year was in the middle of the second-to-last week in July! I had wanted to do something for my birthday, like throw a small party, but when that time of year rolled around I realized that it wouldn’t fit in well with most of my friends’ schedules and there were already events planned for the surrounding weekends. So instead I dressed up, went to work, and then spent the evening with my husband.

The night before I had actually been moping around the house about not being able to do anything fun on my birthday, and my husband was the one to encourage me to make my own fun. He suggested that I wear lolita even though it wasn’t a weekend, reminding me that it wasn’t actually “outlawed” at work. I wavered on the decision for quite a while, flip-flopping between the options, but the next morning I decided to make the most of my day–so I wore it. I don’t regret the decision!

Ruffled Cake-Girl
I kept giggling when this picture was being taken. There were so many bad pictures with my mouth open!

Since it was supposed to be a day of celebration, I picked a dress that is very important to me–the dress my husband bought me when Angelic Pretty opened up their international online shipping. The details on the hem of the skirt make me think of the icing on a fancy birthday cake! (So what could be more suitable?)

The coordination itself is very low-key, because that’s what I like to wear. I paired the dress with matching hairbows tucked into low pigtails, white knee socks, and pink shoes. White knee socks and pink shoes is probably my favourite combination; that’s why I wear it all the time! I particularly like how it looks with a non-patterned pink and white dress.

Pink Terror
My hairbows look very silly peeking out from behind my head! They’re like strange pink antenna~

I didn’t have anything to worry about at work, and afterwards my husband met me at my office. It was a lovely way to spend my birthday. I certainly could imagine a “more perfect” celebration, but I guess I’m getting too old for that kind of thing anyway. Instead, I want to be thankful for getting to spend it with my favourite person. ♥

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