Outfit Snap: White & Black (& Green)

Outfit Snap: White & Black (& Green)

I’m slowly working my way through a backlog of outfits~ Even though I’m sure these are the very least-interesting of anything I could write about, I like to log it–at least for posterity. Someday, when I’m an old woman, I can look back on whatever media this is someday archived as, and remember how much fun I had wearing silly clothes. n_n That’s my goal!

A few weekends ago I had a friend over, and unintentionally we fell into kuro/shiro duality! I had dressed in all white with the intention to wear a pair of socks that I hadn’t had the change to coordinate with anything. The socks are white and feature pink ribbons and bows spotted with white polka-dots in a wrap-around design. I had avoided wearing the socks with a similarly polka-dotted dress thinking it might be overkill, so I decided to wear it with white.

Shiro and Almost-Kuro
It’s not quite twinning, but it was still a fun when we greeted each other and realized we were almost-kind-of opposites!

I wore a white one-piece with the ribbon socks and white shoes. I added a white parka when we ran a few errands. My trusty cardigan is too cream for this dress. I’d love to have a white bolero to wear with it (and other one-pieces and jumperskirts, as well) but that wasn’t an option at the moment. The white parka has lining that is pink with white polka dots. The same fabric is used on the cuffs, so it mimicked the socks just a bit.

Fuwa-Fuwa Fluffy
It really frustrates me that my petticoat is visible with this dress. Thankfully it at least somewhat blends in, being white, but it makes me feel like the hem is uneven.

I tried to do my hair in a more elaborate style, although nothing too amazing. I was inspired by one of the ball-jointed dolls made in a collaboration between Volks and BABY, the Stars Shine Bright: Charlotte. Her long hair is mostly loose, but the top is pulled back in two braided buns.

Looking back, I wish I hadn’t decided to add the hairbows. I thought that I needed some kind of accessory and that those would be most simple, but they look a bit too large. It’s difficult to see that I’ve styled my hair at all~

The next week it was officially fall, so I decided to celebrate a bit by wearing something that felt autumnal to me. Of course, I picked my plaid jumperskirt. The material and the tartan pattern always make me think of chillier weather, as does the darker colour.

Autumn Has Arrived
Every time I wear this, it makes me wish I owned brown boots! Those would be my “dream shoes” for this jumperskirt~

I wore navy blue stockings so they would contrast with my white shoes. My white Tea Party shoes are much more comfortable than my brown shoes, and since I planned on doing a fair amount of walking around on that day I wanted to be comfortable. I prefer not to wear white shoes with white socks unless I’m wearing an all-white or mostly-white coordination, so I opted for dark stockings instead of white socks. I don’t have a pair of knee socks that specifically matches the dark navy or hunter green of this jumperskirt~

I didn’t want the white shoes to the be only white accent, so I also wore a white hairbow. The hairbow was a recently purchase, and I really like it~ I love hairbows, particularly enormous “head-eating” bows, but I don’t like it when they stand up. I’m finding that more and more of the larger bows being sold now stand up instead of being tilted on the hairband so they lay on the head. This bow is certainly not large, but it is positioned at a nice angle. I was pleased to see it had the same rose lace as the jumperskirt~

Green Plaid
I like adding hints of white, but I think that a navy blue cardigan would be even better than the cream one. I guess that’s something else for the future!

I wore my cardigan–which I wear so frequently that it is probably approaching infamy–because it was a bit too chilly to wear short sleeves but I didn’t quite want to wear a long sleeved blouse. It kept my arms warm, but I think I would have preferred to wear this with a navy cardigan…although if I did own a navy cardigan, it would only match this one outfit.

Maybe that means I need to start collecting other garments in navy blue tartan!