Daily Life: Thankfulness

Daily Life: Thankfulness

On Thanksgiving, I try to focus on what I have to be grateful for. I know that I’m very lucky, and at least once I year I want to actively remind myself about not taking things for granted.

I am thankful for…

  1. My loving, wonderful, uberamazing, fanfskingtastic husband
  2. Being related to a rockin’ family
  3. Tea time
  4. An electric kettle in my kitchen
  5. An electric water heater (and sanitizer???) in my office
  6. Wearing lolita fashion
  7. Having the budget to purchase lolita garments from Japanese companies
  8. EOS mint lip balm in the weird round containers
  9. Numerous sushi restaurants (some of them quite good) in walking distance
  10. Living in the city
  11. Smith’s rosebud salve
  12. Steven Smith Teamaker’s wonderful selections
  13. Saving money by buying from the second-hand market for lolita clothing
  14. Owning two ball-jointed dolls…one of which is my “dream doll”
  15. Argo Tea (mmm, Earl Grey Vanilla Crème ♥)
  16. Giant stuffed shark
  17. Moon jellyfish
  18. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic…and watching it online
  19. Vintage cook books
  20. Bright and varied colours of my My Little Pony collection
  21. Availability of pink electronics…and owning several of them
  22. Hello Kitty appliances
  23. A positive balance in my bank account
  24. Student loan debt that seems at least possible to pay off before I’m 65
  25. Having earned a bachelor’s degree
  26. Working a steady job in a friendly environment
  27. Gainful employment for my husband that he excels at and enjoys
  28. Spending time with my grandparents
  29. A yarn shop near a red line station
  30. A yarn shop near a brown line station
  31. Wooden (specifically birch) knitting needles
  32. Finally understanding a proper purl stitch, even after years of doing it wrong
  33. Acceptance into graduate school
  34. Impending graduation from graduate school
  35. Economic recovery, even though more would be better
  36. Living in a generally safe neighborhood
  37. The upcoming extended-family Christmas party
  39. Milk tea–bonus if tapioca is involved
  40. A contact lens prescription that hasn’t changed significantly in the past 2 years
  41. Knowing there is food in the pantry and money to replenish it
  42. Little sisters that I have and those that I’ve accumulated
  43. Going to see the Moscow ballet in December
  44. Christkindlmarket traditions with my best friend
  45. Looking forward to nearly 20 years of being best friends with the same wonderful person
  46. Tea mugs with Rilakkuma on them
  47. A few English china tea cups in my collection
  48. Tying a ribbon into a bow
  49. Not ever having broken a bone despite doing stupid things
  50. Being lucky enough to avoid requiring major surgery
  51. Attending the inauguration in 2009
  52. Graduating from high school…despite recurring nightmares about being sent back
  53. Sitting next to a coworker who sometimes brings me a strawberry cream puff at 7:00 AM
  54. Knowing that my two bunny bags were presents from my parents
  55. Slippers shaped like Pikachu
  56. Relatively few cavities considering the quantities of sugars I’ve historically consumed
  57. Public transportation (even when there are crazies on the train)
  58. Pens with pink ink
  59. A good recipe for crumpets
  60. No major family disasters in 2010, which I would like to see as a continuing trend
  61. A loving, silly, generous, fun-loving, cheerful, hardworking, and strong mother
  62. A focused, accomplished, guiding, caring, and encouraging father
  63. Being close enough to my brother that we’re nearly telepathic
  64. The chance that maybe I can enroll in a recreational ballet class in 2011
  65. Crème Puff’s successful recovery from surgery
  66. Getting 45 lbs. of bluegrass hay delivered to my front door (so convenient!)
  67. Having a cupcake fairy on my desk at work
  68. Decent typing ability, a result of the computer courses I hated so much
  69. Jellied cranberry sauce in a can, particularly when it’s on sale
  70. Obtaining the financial assistance to attend university
  71. Having a phone that allows text messaging
  72. Library books from other branches delivered to the branch around the corner
  73. A decent DVD selection from the library
  74. Seeing my great aunt during the holidays
  75. Twinkling Christmas lights on every tree downtown
  76. The promise of snow and potential for sledding or snowball fights
  77. Working heat in my apartment, unlike last winter
  78. Not having to worry about basic necessities or even little luxuries
  79. Lacking allergies to nail polish
  80. Being part of a welcoming local lolita fashion community
  81. Attending meetups and spending time with friends
  82. Picnics in the park during warmer weather
  83. Playgrounds with swing sets tall enough that I can still swing
  84. Having so many wonderful, reliable, and caring friends
  85. The conveniences of living in a modern era
  86. Lolita fashion companies that make the clothing I always wanted to wear
  87. Attending concerts
  88. Enjoying evenings at home with my husband while he plays guitar
  89. Being able to go on dates once in a while
  90. The occasional day off together ♥
  91. Pain au chocolat and strong tea on weekend mornings
  92. Bows ontop of bows ontop of more bows (I’m looking at you, Angelic Pretty~)
  93. Healing completely from the accident a few years ago
  94. Cheerful text messages from friends conveniently during the most stressful times at work
  95. Being pink and fluffy most of the time
  96. Old books with worn covers and gold-edged pages
  97. My Little Pony toys with magnet feet
  98. Always having someone to turn to
  99. Hope for the future
  100. Not having credit card debt
  101. Being lucky enough to be loved by so many wonderful people just for being me ♥

I hope everyone who is celebrating the holiday has a lovely Thanksgiving, spending it with people you love~

Outfit Snap: Polka Dotted Autumn

Outfit Snap: Polka Dotted Autumn

My husband often works on the weekends and has his days off at different times during the week. I am always thankful that he’s able to work at a job he truly loves, but sometimes I miss him when our days off don’t coincide. I recently took a day off in the middle of the week to match up with his time off, so we declared that day a date. ♥ Of course, I dressed up~

The weather was chilly, but hadn’t yet gotten cold. (Unlike this afternoon, when my I could feel the inside of my nose freeze just from breathing the outside air!) I chose to wear my polka-dot one-piece, because I enjoy it and hadn’t worn it in a little while. This time I decided to pair it with a white hairbow, because although the dress itself is pink, several prominent bows on the dress are white.

Polka-Dots in Autumn
I tried to make sure we took the picture earlier in the day, but it was still quite dark.

I styled my hair very simply, pulled back from my face and braided at the back. Although I am always wishing for magically-non-frizzy magic to sparkle its way towards my hair, my husband thinks it is prettiest whenever I feel like I have a wild lion’s mane. He prefers it when I wear it down, and since I do love and have married him I like to do things in a way that I know he appreciates. (If I am going to try and catch someone’s attention, it may as well be the person I married. n_~) The wind was very intense, however, and I knew that if I didn’t pull it back somewhat I’d be pulling it away from my mouth and eyes all day.

I wore my brown boots with everything. I think that other footwear would have been more desirable, but I don’t really feel that the boots are an unforgivable choice. It had rained the day before, and I worried about puddles. I’m also so thrilled to finally have just-about-knee-high boots in my size that I want to wear them all the time. I picked pink socks with white eyelet lace to follow the colour and material theme of the one-piece.

Just looking at this picture makes me wish I was wearing lolita fashion right now~ I’ll have to take advantage of the upcoming holiday weekend!

Charming Activities: Tea Party Planning

Charming Activities: Tea Party Planning

Rather or not the activity itself is suitable to lolita fashion, I adore tea. Through the adoration of tea, I also love tea parties! Everything from casual intimate tea parties with snacks for a few friends to formal afternoon tea served by white-gloved waiters at fine establishments. I often invite people over “for tea,” which usually means hot tea and some snacks. For other occasions, I’ve planned more elaborate tea-focused, events.

The true beauty of a tea party shines in the highly customizable nature. It is very easy to adjust different aspects of a tea party to suit many different types of events!

You Are Cordially Invited

When planning a tea party, the simplest place to start is your guest list. The people that you are inviting to your party should provide a guideline for how you shape the rest of the party. (This is much easier than planning a party to suit your tastes and then figuring out who you’ll ask to attend. That’s like putting a square peg through a round hole.

The number of attendees will often dictate your budget. With a guest list of only four, it wouldn’t be troublesome or terribly expensive to have a shopping list full of new teas and exotic sweets or savories. If your guest list has twenty or more guests, it will cost a pretty penny to focus on luxuries for everyone.

While it is possible to host a large and elaborate tea party by charging guests a fee for attending, I find that it can be difficult to ask for money to attend a private party–and friends that you may be longing to see might not find the cost within their budget. The situation is different if you are arranging a public event, but if the party is to be personal, attaching a ticket price is not usually a grand idea.

Beyond the budget, guests lists are important so that you have an idea of your guests tastes. If your guests are friends, and everyone (or nearly everyone) wears lolita fashion, the dress code is rather obvious. If several names on your list are vegetarians, you know you’ll want to provide options within their dietary constraints. If the guests are of legal drinking age, you may consider hosting a champagne tea.

What’s This All About

Some tea parties are themed. Other tea parties are formal. Still more tea parties are casual. Afternoon teas typically consist of three courses–scones, savories, and sweets. High tea (often improperly used interchangeably with afternoon tea) is an early dinner, providing a meal rather than light snacks.

You may have decided to host a tea party to celebrate a birthday or other special event. In that case, the “theme” of the party is probably related to that celebration. A tea party thrown just for fun has many options. If you think your guests would appreciate the elegance and refinement of a formal afternoon tea, you could craft an event with fine china, flower vases, and tiers of treats. If your friends have other interests, you could add a less often considered element–such as a buffet-style tea while watching a favourite movie… or participating in a video game tournament.

I believe that it’s essential to consider the preferences of your friends during the planning of a party. This ensures that everyone has a much better time–and parties are most enjoyable when everyone is sincerely cheerful and no one is forcing a smile. A theme that suits the natures of the attendees will be warmly received and more successful on the whole.

On Tonight’s Menu

When a theme is decided on, the menu may simply fall into place. For example, a formal afternoon tea traditionally consists of scones (served with clotted cream, lemon curd, and jam), savories (bite-sized sandwiches or tarts), and sweets (cookies, petit fours, and other miniature desserts). A summer garden tea may call for lemonade to be served alongside the tea and a tossed salad with fruit to accompany light sandwiches.

If the general setting of the party doesn’t bring specific edibles to mind, following the general guideline of afternoon tea is generally useful: a non-dessert baked good, something savory, and something sweet. Unless the tea is served as a meal, sitting at a table as different courses are brought in and removed, it’s best to choose items that do not require the use of utensils–particularly if some guests may be balancing their plates and teacups on laps as they sit on armchairs or sofas.

Consider any dietary restrictions of your attendees. If you know there will be a few vegetarians, make sure that at least one savory option is meat-free. It is also helpful to inquire about friends’ allergies in advance. (I often ask people to let me know of any allergies when they R.S.V.P.) Very severe allergies can sometimes be triggered merely by being in the same room as an allergen, while others could become life-threatening if the person doesn’t realize that the must-be-avoided ingredient is unseen in a baked good or a sandwich’s filling.

Those are some of the most basic hints and suggestions for hosting a tea party. There’s no strictly “right” or “wrong” way–after all, as long as tea is provided in some capacity and a party is going on, it’s technically a “tea party.” No one will bang down your door if your pinky is raised too high or your scones were swapped out for muffins~

Regardless of the type, I really do love tea parties. I think they’re a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the company of good friends. And after all–there’s nothing like a cup of hot tea~ ♥

Outfit Snap: It’s Sugar Time

Outfit Snap: It’s Sugar Time

I was thrilled to have a day to dress up over the weekend. The weekend immediately after Halloween is one I always avoid. As much as I love wearing lolita fashion, the time just after Halloween is a delicate one because unruly people love to scream (and sometimes, even threaten) in regards to the fact that Halloween is over. I dislike this; it makes me very uncomfortable and–for some reason–more upset than I might usually be, so that time is one when I avoid wearing lolita style. That delicate “too close to the holiday” time has passed, thus I jumped on the chance to be dressed up.

Particularly because I recently received a jumperskirt that I purchased from Closet Child’s online shop, Angelic Pretty‘s “Sugar Time” jumperskirt. I love this design because it reminds me of a ballet costume–something elaborate that might be worn for a performance.

Beautiful Rose Scarf
These pictures turned out pretty dark–the sunlight is less and less available!

I thought I would be spending the day with friends, but that didn’t quite work out. When my husband got home from work, he surprised me by taking me out to dinner~ ♥ It was so sweet! He walked into the door and told me that he suspected I would be dressed up, so he didn’t bring something home, he was going to take me out.

I wore my new jumperskirt over a short-sleeved blouse. The weather is getting to be too chilly for short sleeves, but I prefer the look of short-sleeved blouses, so I’ll wear them as long as I can manage.

I pulled back some of my hair into a high ponytail and tried to get plenty of volume without disturbing too many curls. That was a lot easier than I had thought it would be. I spend so much time trying to keep my hair under control that I forget that it really wants to be BIG HAIR and jumps at the chance to do so. Thankfully it can’t get too out of control when it’s long; the length weighs it down just enough. I topped it with a hair bow. I love hair bows~ ♥

Pink Tulle Goes Swish
This little window has a perfectly-sized sitting place, but my petticoat doesn’t really fit in there. It made my skirts look extra-poofy!

I wore my sparkly socks with this, mostly because I could. I adore those socks, even though they’re a bit rough, and would like to wear them with everything even though I usually dislike over-the-knee socks.

The rose scarf that I’m wearing was made my a friend of mine. She’s fabulous when it comes to crafts; this was a gift for my birthday. ♥ I don’t wear it nearly enough, so I’ve been trying to remedy that.

The part of my outfit that seems most out of place are my brown boots. The weather that day was very wet. It kept raining on-and-off, and every time I stepped outside there were puddles. My footwear that is specifically lolita-related is not good for days like that. They’re all flat shoes that are more than willing to let rain in to soak my feet. I recently found a pair of boots in my size. They aren’t rain boots, but they’re sufficiently water-resistant that my feet stay dry. Sometimes that’s more important. I’m sure they’ll be a part of many of my fall/winter coordinations, because they’re comfortable and not too casual. They have a little scalloped edge on the side accented with tiny gold brads, so I think they seem just fancy enough to hold their own.

It was a lovely outfit for a lovely evening~ As much as I enjoy writing and discussing the fashion, the best part is wearing it, after all! ♥

Update: Dot Com

Update: Dot Com

Just a brief update to announce that you can now access the Pink ♥ Milk ♥ Tea from either:


It’s really a very minor change and won’t effect anything in regards to functionality, but it makes me feel excited thinking about it. It makes it feel ~fancier~ now that it has its own domain. (Plus, I find the ability to have an email address be at “pinkmilktea.com” kind of fun!)

I was considering exporting things over and switching to a different platform, but I don’t think I’ll be doing that right away. I like the way things are at the moment; I’m not exactly itching to change everything.

I also added a little icon that will show up on your favourites. Please keep in mind that I’m really not a pixel artist–it’s a little wonky, but it should at least be decently recognizable.

Outfit Snap: Pink Strawberry Sugarbunny

Outfit Snap: Pink Strawberry Sugarbunny

Despite my internal debate about Halloween, I did dress up for the holiday. There’s a Halloween party at my office with a costume contest, so I always use that as an excuse to wear something unusual during the work day. I like that extra degree of freedom and whimsy. Most of my coworkers change into their costumes immediately before the party, but I don’t mind wandering around in something silly. I do so on a regular basis, after all!

This year my costume, lacking in real concept or execution as usual, was a “pink strawberry sugarbunny.” I own a pair of BABY, the Stars Shine Bright bunny ears that I’ve never had an opportunity to wear, so I paired them with my Cherry Berry Bunny jumperskirt and added more strawberry accessories.

Blurry Halloween Picture
This is a low-quality picture that I took at work. I didn’t remember to bring my camera, so I used my phone.

Since Cherry Berry Bunny is one of my favourite outfits to wear, I didn’t need too much of an excuse to wear it again. I decided that if I were going to wear rabbit ears I didn’t really want to be “the white rabbit” or a “bunny-girl.” There are bunnies in the print, and that was enough of a connection for me. I also brought Mallow to accompany me. I considered bringing Monsieur Lait, but he’s so large that I worried he’d get dirty during the commute.

Pink Strawberry Sugarbunny
I thought this would be a cute pose, but I just look ridiculous. I should have known!

Instead of “proper” shoes, I wore my pink sparkly sneakers. They do not add any elegance, but they do match at least in terms of colour. I wanted to add a more whimsical and casual touch than I usually have. After all, it was Halloween!

Several of my coworkers tried to guess who I was. My favourite suggestion was “Little Bunny Foo-Foo!” I have really fond memories of that nursery rhyme, but I wouldn’t want to be little bunny Foo-Foo because I don’t have the heard to bop field mice on the head. n_~

I didn’t intend to enter the costume contest, especially since I had no way of justifying or really explaining what I was. The costume contest at my office is a very serious event. My coworkers often spend a lot of time and effort on their costumes; sometimes they even rehearse small skits to perform before the judging! It’s something I really can’t compete with. However, I was pushed into it with the insistence that I represent my department, as no-one else had dressed up this year. I’m afraid I didn’t make a very strong representation, though–everyone else was much more creative! I lost spectacularly to a Garth & Wayne duo, a California roll, and Superman’s father. They all deserved it!

On Being Lolita: The Halloween Dilemma

On Being Lolita: The Halloween Dilemma

Every year when October rolls around, I find myself pondering the same question: “What should I be for Halloween?”

In recent years, there’s been a second question: “Should I wear lolita fashion?”

For me, this is a hard decision. On the one hand, I love wearing lolita fashion. It brightens up any day, and fills my heart with sparkles and happiness. On the other hand, Halloween is a time for costumes. Lolita fashion is not a costume. Additionally, I think of Halloween as a time to be something unusual, unique, and absolutely out of the ordinary. For me, lolita fashion is none of those things.

When I wear lolita fashion, strangers are constantly asking what my costume is or who I am trying to be. They see something they don’t recognize and presume that it must be a costume–that I am trying to be something else. There’s no way that they can be expected to know that I’m trying to be myself. When I respond that I’m not dressed up as anything, this is just the way I like to dress, there’s a lot of resistance. Some people absolutely refuse to believe me; others nod as though they understand completely, despite their bewildered expressions.

Since I spend so much time championing the “lolita is not a costume” assertion, why would I want to wear lolita fashion during Halloween–a time known for costumes? Simply because I enjoy wearing the style so much. Despite this, I worry about reinforcing lolita fashion as a costume…by wearing it as a costume. Even if I know that I’m wearing lolita fashion simply because I can, doing so at a time when I’ll be less-questioned because costumes are expected makes it seem to be a costume.

This is counter-productive to my actual intent. I even avoid wearing lolita fashion the week immediately after Halloween (and sometimes even the second week), specifically to avoid jeering passers-by yelling, “Halloween is over!” (Often with more distasteful terms added on.)

Yet, when I’m pressed to choose a costume I often assemble something from my lolita fashion wardrobe. This is not because I’m feeling particularly hypocritical around the Halloween holiday, but instead because I want to avoid spending money on a Halloween costume. I cannot sew and do not have other garments at my disposable to fashion into a costume. When I’m pressed to need a costume for some event, I will rifle through my frilly dresses and lavish accessories, and cobble something somewhat passable together. “Princess” is always a very easy one, although I don’t own a crown or tiara. “Alice in Wonderland” was simple before I parted with my solid blue dress. “Little Bo Peep” would be instant if I had a stuffed sheep. (And, really, I’m the only one who notices that kind of thing. People suspect I’m dressed as the wayward sheep-herder no matter which dress I choose and despite being sans sheep.)

I’d rather be something more interesting, but I find that most commercial costumes are low-quality, and most high-quality costumes are very pricey. I don’t want to spend so much money on something I’ll only wear once. (And, because I am a lolita, I don’t want to spend so much money on something that isn’t a lolita garment! Predictable, but very true.) I ought to invest in one costume that I can wear year after year, but I don’t attend Halloween parties or go trick-or-treating; I only dress up for work events.

I always tell myself that I won’t get dressed up for Halloween, because I don’t want people to think that the style I love so dearly is a costume, but when it’s October 30th and I can’t decide what to wear for the function at my office, I pull out something from my closet. It’s a habit that I know I ought to break, but I don’t think about it until there’s just not enough time left. Sometimes I have difficult reconciling my philosophy with my actions.

Do you like to wear lolita fashion as part of your Halloween costume? Do you prefer to wear something else entirely? Do you have absolutely no problem with lolita fashion being perceived as a costume?

Charming Activities: Knit & Purl

Charming Activities: Knit & Purl

My jaunts of writing-related disappearance have been primarily the result of 3 things:

  1. Schoolwork
  2. Family obligations
  3. Knitting

My coursework is coming to a close for the fall semester, providing a brief respite before picking up again for the winter, and I’ve been keeping myself occupied with knitting. I learned to knit several years ago, while on vacation with my grandmother, and I’ve knit off-and-on since then. I’m not very dedicated in my approach to knitting; I have a tendency to knit intensely for a few months, take on a project beyond my capabilities, become incredibly frustrated, vow to never knit again, and hide my yarn and needles for an unspecified length of time. Then, when I’ve completely forgotten about my previous failure, I chance upon my yarn and needles and decide to try again.

I enjoy knitting primarily because it gives my hands something to do; I like to be occupied rather than idle. I can knit while riding public transportation. There’s not much else that I can really do on a bus–reading gives me a headache. My current project can be tucked into a totebag when not being worked on and pulled out for a few stitches or rows while standing on the train platform. I can knit while watching movies (or television shows, such as the current three episodes of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic over and over and over and over and over and over again…my poor, poor husband…) or having intimate conversations with friends over a pot of tea. Even better than merely being able to do the activity is that after a certain amount of work I have something to show for it~ I absolutely cannot sew, although I’ve always wanted to and regularly attempt to be taught yet another time, so creating knit objects, however simple they might be, makes me feel quite proud of myself!

The View from My Knitting
Although I ~can~ knit on the bus, that’s not the only place I knit. Sometimes it’s nice to cozy up with my stuffed shark, some tea, and a good movie.

The concept of “hand knit” can sometimes conjure up terrifying images of multi-coloured itchy sweaters, but that’s only a teeny-tiny portion of what can be made. There are so many options for yarn and so many beautiful patterns that there’s something for everyone’s taste. I’m working on knitting accessories for Christmas presents, and I’ve found perfect projects for everyone from my “I don’t want anything for Christmas” mother to my teenaged-and-way-too-cool-for-the-likes-of-a-silly-Alice stepsister. I am absolutely enthralled with the yarn shops of my city–I can find everything from expensive-expensive “do I dare breathe on this” beaded silk to inexpensive superwash wool.

Since my discovery of the needles and yarn, I’ve knit several scarves and am now moving on to wrist warmers. I have sparkly-eyed dreams of mittens and socks–all in due time. My goal–which I dream of as my pièce de résistance of knitting–is to make the Chocola-chan scarf patterned in the Gothic & Lolita Bible.

Chocola-chan Scarf
Chocola-chan is a white cat with a round face and jeweled accessories~

I own the Chocola-chan coat, and thus envision it perfectly accessorized with the Chocola-chan scarf. The pattern is available in English in the Gothic & Lolita Bible English edition volume 4. (I’m not sure which volume the original Japanese pattern is in.) The pattern itself is not excessively difficult, but it is a bit more vague that I would prefer. I want to make the scarf from a very nice yarn and avoid any inconsistencies due to mistakes, so I’ve been avoiding making one until I feel more confident about my abilities. Chocola-chan is too cute to be made to suffer from my lack of skill.

Instructions for Chocola-chan
The English instructions for the scarf were clearly edited from the original Japanese, but I don’t think I could attempt this based on the Japanese instructions.

There are some other knitting patterns from the Gothic & Lolita Bible that I’d like to try, such as a lacy hairbow and scallop-edged mittens. It would be nice to make them in a colour to coordinate with my winter coat~ The mittens that I usually wear are not very warm at all.

Mittens, Bow, and Brooch
I think these mittens are adorable, particularly because of the pom-pons~

As knitting is my current fascination, I’ve been spending a lot of time on Ravelry. (My username is MilkyTea.) Ravelry is a community for knitters, crocheters, and (to some extent, at least) spinners. It is also a marvelous database, providing a quick and easy way to search through thousands of patterns–whether they’re from books, from blogs, or from magazines. You can type in the name of a yarn and find important information even if you’ve misplaced the label. Projects can be registered and detailed on the site, you can keep track of your yarn and needles, and you can take notes of patterns you like that you might want to try in the future. I love how everything can be kept so organized.

I’m also fascinated by the sheer number of instructional knitting videos on the internet. When I learned to knit, that sort of thing didn’t exist. When I forgot an important step I had to spend quite a while bent over my “how to knit” book, feeling very confused, until I had a chance to see my grandmother again and have her show me what I was doing wrong. (For almost a year my purl stitches were actually knit stitches…just…amazingly convoluted. When I finally realized how to actually purl I thought, “…No wonder all of my ‘patterns’ have looked exactly the same.” It was a sad time. A few minutes on YouTube or Knitting Help could have prevented that.)

Rose and Knitting
This is how the inside of my totebag typically looks…although the bear is no longer wrapped in plastic.

Rose, my adored BABY, the Stars Shine Brightusakumya friend” teddy bear, has become my knitting companion. She’s usually hiding in a totebag along with a skein of yarn, needles, and a sheet of notes. (Sometimes I tuck the notes under her arm so they’re easier to find.)

Maybe someday, when I finally conquer the Chocola-chan scarf, I’ll move on to making cardigans or boleros like those that Angelic Pretty and BABY, the Stars Shine Bright release in the cooler months. I think they’re beautiful, and I’d love to have a nice layering piece that I had actually made. I’d be able to pick whatever colour would best match my wardrobe and make any other adjustments. It could be fun~

Does anyone else knit? (Or crochet? I find crochet fascinating but haven’t managed to figure out anything other than making long loopy chains.) Have you tried any of the Gothic & Lolita Bible patterns?