Daily Life: Thankfulness

Daily Life: Thankfulness

On Thanksgiving, I try to focus on what I have to be grateful for. I know that I’m very lucky, and at least once I year I want to actively remind myself about not taking things for granted.

I am thankful for…

  1. My loving, wonderful, uberamazing, fanfskingtastic husband
  2. Being related to a rockin’ family
  3. Tea time
  4. An electric kettle in my kitchen
  5. An electric water heater (and sanitizer???) in my office
  6. Wearing lolita fashion
  7. Having the budget to purchase lolita garments from Japanese companies
  8. EOS mint lip balm in the weird round containers
  9. Numerous sushi restaurants (some of them quite good) in walking distance
  10. Living in the city
  11. Smith’s rosebud salve
  12. Steven Smith Teamaker’s wonderful selections
  13. Saving money by buying from the second-hand market for lolita clothing
  14. Owning two ball-jointed dolls…one of which is my “dream doll”
  15. Argo Tea (mmm, Earl Grey Vanilla Crème ♥)
  16. Giant stuffed shark
  17. Moon jellyfish
  18. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic…and watching it online
  19. Vintage cook books
  20. Bright and varied colours of my My Little Pony collection
  21. Availability of pink electronics…and owning several of them
  22. Hello Kitty appliances
  23. A positive balance in my bank account
  24. Student loan debt that seems at least possible to pay off before I’m 65
  25. Having earned a bachelor’s degree
  26. Working a steady job in a friendly environment
  27. Gainful employment for my husband that he excels at and enjoys
  28. Spending time with my grandparents
  29. A yarn shop near a red line station
  30. A yarn shop near a brown line station
  31. Wooden (specifically birch) knitting needles
  32. Finally understanding a proper purl stitch, even after years of doing it wrong
  33. Acceptance into graduate school
  34. Impending graduation from graduate school
  35. Economic recovery, even though more would be better
  36. Living in a generally safe neighborhood
  37. The upcoming extended-family Christmas party
  39. Milk tea–bonus if tapioca is involved
  40. A contact lens prescription that hasn’t changed significantly in the past 2 years
  41. Knowing there is food in the pantry and money to replenish it
  42. Little sisters that I have and those that I’ve accumulated
  43. Going to see the Moscow ballet in December
  44. Christkindlmarket traditions with my best friend
  45. Looking forward to nearly 20 years of being best friends with the same wonderful person
  46. Tea mugs with Rilakkuma on them
  47. A few English china tea cups in my collection
  48. Tying a ribbon into a bow
  49. Not ever having broken a bone despite doing stupid things
  50. Being lucky enough to avoid requiring major surgery
  51. Attending the inauguration in 2009
  52. Graduating from high school…despite recurring nightmares about being sent back
  53. Sitting next to a coworker who sometimes brings me a strawberry cream puff at 7:00 AM
  54. Knowing that my two bunny bags were presents from my parents
  55. Slippers shaped like Pikachu
  56. Relatively few cavities considering the quantities of sugars I’ve historically consumed
  57. Public transportation (even when there are crazies on the train)
  58. Pens with pink ink
  59. A good recipe for crumpets
  60. No major family disasters in 2010, which I would like to see as a continuing trend
  61. A loving, silly, generous, fun-loving, cheerful, hardworking, and strong mother
  62. A focused, accomplished, guiding, caring, and encouraging father
  63. Being close enough to my brother that we’re nearly telepathic
  64. The chance that maybe I can enroll in a recreational ballet class in 2011
  65. Crème Puff’s successful recovery from surgery
  66. Getting 45 lbs. of bluegrass hay delivered to my front door (so convenient!)
  67. Having a cupcake fairy on my desk at work
  68. Decent typing ability, a result of the computer courses I hated so much
  69. Jellied cranberry sauce in a can, particularly when it’s on sale
  70. Obtaining the financial assistance to attend university
  71. Having a phone that allows text messaging
  72. Library books from other branches delivered to the branch around the corner
  73. A decent DVD selection from the library
  74. Seeing my great aunt during the holidays
  75. Twinkling Christmas lights on every tree downtown
  76. The promise of snow and potential for sledding or snowball fights
  77. Working heat in my apartment, unlike last winter
  78. Not having to worry about basic necessities or even little luxuries
  79. Lacking allergies to nail polish
  80. Being part of a welcoming local lolita fashion community
  81. Attending meetups and spending time with friends
  82. Picnics in the park during warmer weather
  83. Playgrounds with swing sets tall enough that I can still swing
  84. Having so many wonderful, reliable, and caring friends
  85. The conveniences of living in a modern era
  86. Lolita fashion companies that make the clothing I always wanted to wear
  87. Attending concerts
  88. Enjoying evenings at home with my husband while he plays guitar
  89. Being able to go on dates once in a while
  90. The occasional day off together ♥
  91. Pain au chocolat and strong tea on weekend mornings
  92. Bows ontop of bows ontop of more bows (I’m looking at you, Angelic Pretty~)
  93. Healing completely from the accident a few years ago
  94. Cheerful text messages from friends conveniently during the most stressful times at work
  95. Being pink and fluffy most of the time
  96. Old books with worn covers and gold-edged pages
  97. My Little Pony toys with magnet feet
  98. Always having someone to turn to
  99. Hope for the future
  100. Not having credit card debt
  101. Being lucky enough to be loved by so many wonderful people just for being me ♥

I hope everyone who is celebrating the holiday has a lovely Thanksgiving, spending it with people you love~

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