Outfit Snap: Whee, a Tree!

Outfit Snap: Whee, a Tree!

Now that the year is coming to a close, I’ve been trying to fit in as much lolita fashion-wearing as absolutely possible~ I’m very excited for December and the holiday season, because I absolutely-positively-utterly-completely-totally-thoroughly love Christmas! ♥ On the day after Thanksgiving I was determined to avoid Black Friday shopping…but after arriving back at home I took one look around and could not resist going out briefly to get a few holiday decorations. I’ve spent the time since then fancying-up my home for the holidays~ I’m almost done, but there’s still a few projects I have in mind. When it’s all complete I can’t wait to share pictures~!

I decided I wanted a real tree this year. We used to have a fake tinsel tree that I was very sentimentally attached to, but it had developed a crooked lean that got worse and worse as time went on. It’s time had come when it was no longer able to stand up without being propped against the wall. My husband had arranged to be assisted in tree-acquiring by a friend of ours who owns an automobile, as we rely on public transportation. Unfortunately, he chanced to take me out to run a few errands and we passed a lot selling trees…and I wouldn’t leave without one.

Yay, the Treeeeee~
I love-love-love-love-love-love our little tree! It makes me so happy~

I had been running errands and decorating the whole day, so I picked an outfit that was both casual and festive. I find that wearing lolita fashion around the holiday season is extra-fun for me because it adds another layer of cheer and bounciness to my Christmas spirit~ I paired this red jumperskirt with a white thermal shirt. It kept me toasty-warm despite spending quite a bit of time waiting on train platforms, but I didn’t have to worry about getting lace caught on things when putting up decorations. I chose to cover my legs completely, instead of wearing knee-socks, so that I’d be better protected against the cold while out and about.

Alice... Or a Tree?
One of the things I really like about this tree is that it and I are exactly the same height. I think it’s a fun size for a tree~.

I pulled my hair back just a bit and added red bows for decoration. It made me wish that I had jingle bells or glitter pom-pons, though! I feel like I don’t own enough in the way of festive accessories~ (Although I do have a Santa hat that I am incredibly attached to.)

The fuzzy boots aren’t really part of what I’m wearing–they’re just my extra-fluffy slippers~ I don’t like having icicle feet in the wintertime!

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