Update: Christmas Wishes

Update: Christmas Wishes

I’m a little bit behind on posting and adding new content, but that’s something I rather expect during this time of the year. It’s busy at work, my courses are wrapping up for the break, and there’s simply so much-so much-soooooo much to do for the holidays! I’ve been knitting constantly; during the commute to work, while waiting in line at the post office, as I wait for cookies to bake in the oven, and during Christmas movies. It worked out just in time–everything was ready for its recipient on Christmas day.

I had a wonderful Christmas with all of my loved ones, and I hope that everyone else was as lucky or much luckier. I know that my holiday wishes are a bit belated, but I tend to side with “better late than never” rather than “too late.” Even though it’s over now, I’m still full of cheer and good spirits–probably enough to last me for a while~

I hope that everyone else is having a lovely holiday season, regardless of what or how you celebrate! I’d like to think that it’s the season to be merry no matter what~

And a new year is quickly approaching! I wonder what it will bring? ♥

Victorian artwork used in image courtesy of The Graphics Fairy.

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