Outfit Snap: Polka Dotted Autumn

Outfit Snap: Polka Dotted Autumn

My husband often works on the weekends and has his days off at different times during the week. I am always thankful that he’s able to work at a job he truly loves, but sometimes I miss him when our days off don’t coincide. I recently took a day off in the middle of the week to match up with his time off, so we declared that day a date. ♥ Of course, I dressed up~

The weather was chilly, but hadn’t yet gotten cold. (Unlike this afternoon, when my I could feel the inside of my nose freeze just from breathing the outside air!) I chose to wear my polka-dot one-piece, because I enjoy it and hadn’t worn it in a little while. This time I decided to pair it with a white hairbow, because although the dress itself is pink, several prominent bows on the dress are white.

Polka-Dots in Autumn
I tried to make sure we took the picture earlier in the day, but it was still quite dark.

I styled my hair very simply, pulled back from my face and braided at the back. Although I am always wishing for magically-non-frizzy magic to sparkle its way towards my hair, my husband thinks it is prettiest whenever I feel like I have a wild lion’s mane. He prefers it when I wear it down, and since I do love and have married him I like to do things in a way that I know he appreciates. (If I am going to try and catch someone’s attention, it may as well be the person I married. n_~) The wind was very intense, however, and I knew that if I didn’t pull it back somewhat I’d be pulling it away from my mouth and eyes all day.

I wore my brown boots with everything. I think that other footwear would have been more desirable, but I don’t really feel that the boots are an unforgivable choice. It had rained the day before, and I worried about puddles. I’m also so thrilled to finally have just-about-knee-high boots in my size that I want to wear them all the time. I picked pink socks with white eyelet lace to follow the colour and material theme of the one-piece.

Just looking at this picture makes me wish I was wearing lolita fashion right now~ I’ll have to take advantage of the upcoming holiday weekend!

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