Outfit Snap: It’s Sugar Time

Outfit Snap: It’s Sugar Time

I was thrilled to have a day to dress up over the weekend. The weekend immediately after Halloween is one I always avoid. As much as I love wearing lolita fashion, the time just after Halloween is a delicate one because unruly people love to scream (and sometimes, even threaten) in regards to the fact that Halloween is over. I dislike this; it makes me very uncomfortable and–for some reason–more upset than I might usually be, so that time is one when I avoid wearing lolita style. That delicate “too close to the holiday” time has passed, thus I jumped on the chance to be dressed up.

Particularly because I recently received a jumperskirt that I purchased from Closet Child’s online shop, Angelic Pretty‘s “Sugar Time” jumperskirt. I love this design because it reminds me of a ballet costume–something elaborate that might be worn for a performance.

Beautiful Rose Scarf
These pictures turned out pretty dark–the sunlight is less and less available!

I thought I would be spending the day with friends, but that didn’t quite work out. When my husband got home from work, he surprised me by taking me out to dinner~ ♥ It was so sweet! He walked into the door and told me that he suspected I would be dressed up, so he didn’t bring something home, he was going to take me out.

I wore my new jumperskirt over a short-sleeved blouse. The weather is getting to be too chilly for short sleeves, but I prefer the look of short-sleeved blouses, so I’ll wear them as long as I can manage.

I pulled back some of my hair into a high ponytail and tried to get plenty of volume without disturbing too many curls. That was a lot easier than I had thought it would be. I spend so much time trying to keep my hair under control that I forget that it really wants to be BIG HAIR and jumps at the chance to do so. Thankfully it can’t get too out of control when it’s long; the length weighs it down just enough. I topped it with a hair bow. I love hair bows~ ♥

Pink Tulle Goes Swish
This little window has a perfectly-sized sitting place, but my petticoat doesn’t really fit in there. It made my skirts look extra-poofy!

I wore my sparkly socks with this, mostly because I could. I adore those socks, even though they’re a bit rough, and would like to wear them with everything even though I usually dislike over-the-knee socks.

The rose scarf that I’m wearing was made my a friend of mine. She’s fabulous when it comes to crafts; this was a gift for my birthday. ♥ I don’t wear it nearly enough, so I’ve been trying to remedy that.

The part of my outfit that seems most out of place are my brown boots. The weather that day was very wet. It kept raining on-and-off, and every time I stepped outside there were puddles. My footwear that is specifically lolita-related is not good for days like that. They’re all flat shoes that are more than willing to let rain in to soak my feet. I recently found a pair of boots in my size. They aren’t rain boots, but they’re sufficiently water-resistant that my feet stay dry. Sometimes that’s more important. I’m sure they’ll be a part of many of my fall/winter coordinations, because they’re comfortable and not too casual. They have a little scalloped edge on the side accented with tiny gold brads, so I think they seem just fancy enough to hold their own.

It was a lovely outfit for a lovely evening~ As much as I enjoy writing and discussing the fashion, the best part is wearing it, after all! ♥