Outfit Snap: Catching Up in Pink

Outfit Snap: Catching Up in Pink

One of the things that always keeps me from updating regularly are pictures. I love having pictures to go with each entry, and I am really picky about where the pictures come from. I don’t like uses images without proper credit–I prefer to take the pictures myself, borrow some from a friend (with permission), or take them from an official company website (with a note of the fact). Unfortunately, I don’t carry my camera around with me on a regular basis, thus if I want pictures to illustrate something I need to specifically plan time to take them–and there needs to be decent sunlight.

So, as much as I want to write about something else, here’s a few outfit snaps that I’ve forgotten. Over the weekend I’ll definitely have something else to write about–if only because I’ll also have the time to take some accompanying pictures~!

Ready for Angelic☆School
My husband was sweet enough to take these pictures after he got home. I’m absolutely useless with a self-timer, and my friend and I were having too much fun to remember pictures~

I spent the day with a friend, and I wanted to wear this jumperskirt. This time, I tried to emphasize the “school” aspect of the design by pairing it with bulky shoes, a cardigan, and a low-key hairbow. I wore the dress’s brooch on my cardigan, covering the BtSSB logo, to tie things together. I really love the award ribbon-shaped brooch that the jumperskirt came with, but I don’t often wear it pinned to the shoulder strap because the side of the medallion pokes me in the arm; it can be uncomfortable.

Enrolled in Angelic☆School
I liked wearing these shoes with this outfit. I appreciate their chunkiness in this coordination.

I really wanted to wear over-the-knee socks, so I picked my ribbon-wrapped pair. Looking back, I don’t think I’d wear those socks again. Plain white knee highs with just a bit of lace or white stockings would have been a better choice. I’d also like to do my hair differently–maybe braids pinned up in loops! (I’ve always wanted to wear my hair like that, ever since I received the American Girl doll Kirsten when I was little, but my hair tends to spike up funny at the ends when I try, or the weight drags the loops out.)

Bows on Bows on Frills
It was very warm and humid that day, so my hair fluffed up like a big poof of floof!

I spent the next day with my husband, enjoying our time together. I work on Sundays, and with his job he works alternating weekends, so it isn’t all that often anymore that we have a Saturday to share and enjoy together. We had a lazy day–woke up late, made sweet potato pancakes, played Pokémon, ate lunch at a café, did some shopping, watched a movie at home, and went out for dinner. ♥ It was fun and relaxing, something we both needed.

I let him select my outfit, and he chose this dress. I’m not surprised at all, because this is the dress he purchased for me. I paired it simply, with pink socks, pink shoes, and a pink hairbow. I left my hair down at my husband’s request. I hate leaving it alone to do its crazy fluffing-frizzing-poofing-staticy nonsense, but he thinks it is very pretty. It makes me happy that he thinks of me that way even when I’m feeling absolutely opposite. ♥

Fluffy, Pink, and Cheerful
My quest for more interesting ways to pose in pictures continues! I’m still failing at coming up with anything good~

I’m fairly satisfied with this outfit. It’s not fancy or incredibly unique, but I feel comfortable wearing it. Actually, I feel more than comfortable–I feel great! I love wearing lolita fashion, and simpler outfits like this are my favourite~

Next post, I promise, will not be an outfit post! XD

Daily Life: Work, School, and Writing

Daily Life: Work, School, and Writing

I’m entering the “busy season” at work, and the fall semester is coming to a close before winter semester starts. (My graduate school uses a quarter system.) I keep thinking about all of the things I’d like to write about–cozy fall activities, planning for the upcoming winter, more about tea, lolita fashion and general appropriate, and a myriad of other topics that always pop into my mind when I’m sitting in a lecture or frantically trying to complete something for a deadline! I’ve worn more outfits since my last post, but I don’t like having too many outfit posts in a row; I don’t really consider it content. I haven’t been able to make it to many meetups, either, due to my schedule with work and school. Working on Sundays always seems to exclude me from activities~

Rose Hard at Work
Rose was trying to help me out at work by answering the phone. I think it was a little bit difficult for her.

I haven’t been any less active and I’m not losing interest–I’m just busier than I’d like to be~ I’m hoping to have more time to write this weekend. There are so many things on my mind!

I’ve been thinking about trying my hand again at NaNoWriMo–National Novel Writing Month. I’ve attempted to complete the goal of writing a 50,000-word novel from scratch in one month, starting November 1 and ending November 30, but I’ve never gotten anywhere close! I’ve always had fun trying, though, so I just might try again. I want to write about lolita fashion, but I’m not sure exactly what. Some kind of modern, fairy tale-esque fantasy, perhaps~ Not quite the life of a girl living on Milky Planet, but… hmm… something. I’m sure it won’t amount to much!

Within the past week or so I’ve taken up a hobby that I haven’t done in a while–knitting! I’m having a lot of fun trying new projects. There are so many yarn stores in my area; it’s astounding! Best of all, I can knit on the train or bus to and from work or other errands, and I’ve managed to make quite a bit of progress. My goal is to eventually make the Chocola-chan scarf that was available in the Gothic & Lolita Bible. I want to be sure that my skills are up to par before I purchase nice yarn and start on it, so I’m trying to get a lot of practice in!

I’ll be very happy when Thanksgiving is over and things have calmed down a bit~ I’m very glad that I’ve at least avoided getting sick so far. I feel like so many people I come into contact with daily are ill~ It’s just that time of year.

Outfit Snap: Pink or Black

Outfit Snap: Pink or Black

Last weekend I was able to wear lolita fashion both days, even though it rained on Saturday. (Rain is not enough to stop me, unless it is torrential.) …Although, I did choose a less-intense outfit on Saturday to compensate for the rainy-ness.

I spent Friday with a friend–we had ordered some doll items together, to save on shipping, so she came over so we could open the package and spend time together. I wanted to wear something pink and bright and cheerful. Despite it being a not-terribly-popular print and my general apathy towards prints, the artwork has really grown on me. I think I like that it has so many other colours to accent it with…not that I do much accenting. But the possibility is there!

Pink Jelly for All Seasons
This is a summery-seeming dress, at least in my opinion, but I’m not willing to stop wearing it just because cooler weather is here!

The weather’s been chillier, so I wore a parka for part of the day. It’s so comfy~ ♥

This time my hair accessories were quite non-standard. I wore the matching wrist cuffs as hair scrunchies. I’ve always thought that wrist cuffs look like scrunchies, since I grew up when scrunchies were incredibly popular and I had one to match almost any outfit. I’ve wanted to wear them in my hair, but I kept deciding against it. I finally decided to, and I’m glad I did. I think they were pretty cute, and no-one even guessed that they weren’t originally intended for hair.

I’d love to get an actually matching hair item to wear with Jewelry Jelly, but this was satisfying until that day finally comes~

Sparkly Pink Shimmer
It’s too bad that the glittery-shimmery-awesome-ness of the socks didn’t show up in the picture. They’re really lovely in person~

The socks made me particularly excited. These socks were a recently purchase, and I just had to wear them! They are incredibly glittery! There are iridescent sparkly threads woven in the socks, so they shimmer beautifully~ I adore glittery things! They also have little crowns and bows on them. So cute!

It was raining on Saturday and I had some errands to run, so I wore a toned-down casual outfit. I didn’t want anything the rain might ruin. It didn’t rain very hard for most of the day, but it alternated between mildly rainy, sprinkling gently, and raining slightly harder. I had to wear my waterproof coat, which is very ugly, so most of my outfit would be covered up anyway!

Parasol Print on a Rainy Day
Black outfits are hard to take pictures of. All of the different elements just seem to blend together into a blob of dark.

This was just something simple–a black Alice & the Pirates cutsew under a cardigan, a skirt with parasols (they look like umbrellas, so I thought it was fitting), and black tights and flats. This was the outfit that I was wearing when I had the conversation about lolita fashion on the train! It was really perfect for running about and getting things done, but I still felt frilly and in good spirits.

Amusingly enough, my mother really loved this outfit. So much that she called me to tell me that she had seen this picture and she really loved that outfit! I was quite surprised~

Outfit Snap: White & Black (& Green)

Outfit Snap: White & Black (& Green)

I’m slowly working my way through a backlog of outfits~ Even though I’m sure these are the very least-interesting of anything I could write about, I like to log it–at least for posterity. Someday, when I’m an old woman, I can look back on whatever media this is someday archived as, and remember how much fun I had wearing silly clothes. n_n That’s my goal!

A few weekends ago I had a friend over, and unintentionally we fell into kuro/shiro duality! I had dressed in all white with the intention to wear a pair of socks that I hadn’t had the change to coordinate with anything. The socks are white and feature pink ribbons and bows spotted with white polka-dots in a wrap-around design. I had avoided wearing the socks with a similarly polka-dotted dress thinking it might be overkill, so I decided to wear it with white.

Shiro and Almost-Kuro
It’s not quite twinning, but it was still a fun when we greeted each other and realized we were almost-kind-of opposites!

I wore a white one-piece with the ribbon socks and white shoes. I added a white parka when we ran a few errands. My trusty cardigan is too cream for this dress. I’d love to have a white bolero to wear with it (and other one-pieces and jumperskirts, as well) but that wasn’t an option at the moment. The white parka has lining that is pink with white polka dots. The same fabric is used on the cuffs, so it mimicked the socks just a bit.

Fuwa-Fuwa Fluffy
It really frustrates me that my petticoat is visible with this dress. Thankfully it at least somewhat blends in, being white, but it makes me feel like the hem is uneven.

I tried to do my hair in a more elaborate style, although nothing too amazing. I was inspired by one of the ball-jointed dolls made in a collaboration between Volks and BABY, the Stars Shine Bright: Charlotte. Her long hair is mostly loose, but the top is pulled back in two braided buns.

Looking back, I wish I hadn’t decided to add the hairbows. I thought that I needed some kind of accessory and that those would be most simple, but they look a bit too large. It’s difficult to see that I’ve styled my hair at all~

The next week it was officially fall, so I decided to celebrate a bit by wearing something that felt autumnal to me. Of course, I picked my plaid jumperskirt. The material and the tartan pattern always make me think of chillier weather, as does the darker colour.

Autumn Has Arrived
Every time I wear this, it makes me wish I owned brown boots! Those would be my “dream shoes” for this jumperskirt~

I wore navy blue stockings so they would contrast with my white shoes. My white Tea Party shoes are much more comfortable than my brown shoes, and since I planned on doing a fair amount of walking around on that day I wanted to be comfortable. I prefer not to wear white shoes with white socks unless I’m wearing an all-white or mostly-white coordination, so I opted for dark stockings instead of white socks. I don’t have a pair of knee socks that specifically matches the dark navy or hunter green of this jumperskirt~

I didn’t want the white shoes to the be only white accent, so I also wore a white hairbow. The hairbow was a recently purchase, and I really like it~ I love hairbows, particularly enormous “head-eating” bows, but I don’t like it when they stand up. I’m finding that more and more of the larger bows being sold now stand up instead of being tilted on the hairband so they lay on the head. This bow is certainly not large, but it is positioned at a nice angle. I was pleased to see it had the same rose lace as the jumperskirt~

Green Plaid
I like adding hints of white, but I think that a navy blue cardigan would be even better than the cream one. I guess that’s something else for the future!

I wore my cardigan–which I wear so frequently that it is probably approaching infamy–because it was a bit too chilly to wear short sleeves but I didn’t quite want to wear a long sleeved blouse. It kept my arms warm, but I think I would have preferred to wear this with a navy cardigan…although if I did own a navy cardigan, it would only match this one outfit.

Maybe that means I need to start collecting other garments in navy blue tartan!

On Being Lolita: Winter Coats

On Being Lolita: Winter Coats

Autumn is here, and the chill in the air makes me think of winter coats!

BABY, the Stars Shine Bright has posted their 2010 Coat Collection in the reservation section. Angelic Pretty has added a few short jackets and capes to their jacket/coat section of the webshop. Metamorphose has their winter coats on reserve. Elegant coats and capes are on the reservation page at Victorian Maiden, as well as Mary Magdalene.

I really like the Dolly Long Cape from Angelic Pretty~ I think the design is cute in its simplicity, and the houndstooth pattern adds a nice touch.

This is my “dream coat.” (If such a thing exists~) I believe it’s called the Lovely Rabbit-Ear Coat and may be from 2005 or 2006.

There’s something about a lolita fashion winter coat that is more than just a very expensive jacket. Although they’re often not made for extremely cold winters, the shape is perfect for wearing over a lolita silhouette, and the designs are adorable. Although it is possible to wear other winter coats with a lolita outfit, oftentimes they don’t fit the silhouette very well. A few buttons have to remain unbuttoned, or the skirt is squashed and twisted at an odd angle, or the jacket is large and baggy enough to be almost shapeless.

Most of all, I adore the designs of lolita fashion coats. They often have rows of ruffles, fur trim, and lace adornment. The designs can range from simple-yet-luxurious to ornate-and-eye-catching, but they all tend to make me think of an old-fashioned dress coat that has been updated and modified to suit the tastes of lolita. It makes me feel like it’s slightly less of a shame to cover up my frilly clothing if my coat is frilled to accent it~

My coat is from 2007–“Going Out Chocola-chan.” It’s not new, rare, or sought-after, but I really love it~

Winter Coat of Coatness
This coat always gets plenty of use in the colder months, and the colder months here feel like they last quite a while~

I love the pink houndstooth, which is woven in tones of baby pink and pale cream. The small cape is such a perfect accent that I almost never unbutton it and wear the coat without it, even though that is an option. The white fake-fur adds a wintry touch to the cheerful colours, and I love that it seems even more decadent because it is dotted with imitation pearls. The buttons are pink, heart-shaped, and have a bow molded into the design. The applique of Chocola-chan, the white cat, is plush and accented with added details.

It’s not quite cold enough to start wearing my coat yet, but autumn has reminded me to take it to be cleaned before the upcoming winter season. ♥ I keep entertaining the thought of buying another coat, since there are so many lovely designs, but I don’t think I can really justify the purchase. I use my coat enough that I feel as though I have gotten a good value for it, but it would be difficult to do that all over again with a second coat. (Although, even knowing that, I still sort-of want another one~)

How do you feel about lolita winter coats? Do you have a favourite design? Do you own more than one? Or, perhaps–do you think they’re unnecessary? I’m sure that not everyone shares my warm and fuzzy feelings about them–although I’d like to image it is so~ ☆

Outfit Snap: Casual Weekends

Outfit Snap: Casual Weekends

In mid-September I opted for a few casual outfits. I absolutely love wearing frothy, pink, frilly, sparkly lolita outfits, even though I’m not much for very over-the-top variants of sweet lolita. Despite this, sometimes I want to wear something more subdued. Something that will get slightly less hollered comments from random passers-by. For those kinds of outfits, I usually don’t wear a petticoat (for shame!) and opt for a main garment that seems toned down. Often I wear skirts and a sweater or cardigan, but these times I wore jumperskirts instead.

Lavender or Dusty Rose
Eventually I’ll wear this jumperskirt in a different way than just with this cardigan, but they match so well that it’s hard for me to picture it any other way.

For this particular Friday I wanted something feminine and sweet. It honestly doesn’t look very “lolita” to me, but that’s mostly due to the lack of petticoat. I like wearing this jumperskirt with these tights–they’re cream-coloured and have a textured design in the weave. They matched well with the off-white cardigan, as well.

I was surprised to notice that these flats, which I bought several months ago, are the same shade of pink as the ribbons on the jumperskirt. I originally planned to wear brown shoes, but since these match so closely I opted for them instead. I’m glad that I did, because I rarely have an excuse to wear these shoes. I think they’re adorable, but I worry about ruining them so I don’t wear them frequently. I usually don’t prefer flats with lolita outfits, but in this case I was satisfied.

Casual Feminine
I tried to stand just a little bit differently than usual, or at least that’s what I was thinking when the picture was taken. Despite my intentions, I look just about the same as always~

I chose to braid my hair because it was giving me a hard time. I wanted to fashion a more creative and slightly “romantic” hairstyle, like a braided hairband or something similar. I’ve been seeing a lot of really interesting ideas, particularly in suggestions for mori girl styles. I think they would be well-adapted to lolita fashion outfits that seem sweet but also classic, but I’ll have to try some other day~

Red and Cream
I had fun posing with the coffin case. It’s been wandering around my house, so I decided to stand next to it instead of temporarily shoving it out of the way.

Same cardigan and tights, different weekend and jumperskirt. I wore this to spend a day with a friend~ The weather was somewhat undecided on whether it would be decently warm or slightly chilly, so I chose to wear a cardigan. (Plus, I really love this cardigan. Ridiculously love this cardigan. I need to stop wearing it so often, but I love it so~ ♥)

Red, Cream, and Coffin
I had to take the pictures inside because it was rather late by the time I finally remembered that I hadn’t taken any! It was much too dark outside to go there for better light. I did my best to adjust the yellow cast off the pictures.

I wore this red jumperskirt because it is comfortable and casual. I knew that my day would be a mix of chores, sitting around with my friend, and possibly some kind of adventure. I love the details on this dress, particularly the white polka dots and red lace and ribbons, and I thought that those elements could stand out against the off-white and relatively understated cardigan and tights. I chose brown shoes simply because they were the only pair that seemed to match.

Overall, it was a very “lazy” outfit, but it suited me well for the day and I enjoyed wearing it. I wish I could wear more dresses with cardigans–I think that’s what I’d buy for all of my “normal” clothes if I had a larger budget.

The best part of the day was… finding pikachu slippers in Chinatown!!

Pikachuuuuuuuuuu! I love these slippers! I haven’t worn them much, because I’m afraid of getting them dirty, but I keep them sitting around because I love their cheerful smiles!

They were so ridiculously cute that I couldn’t pass them up! My husband and I have been playing Pokémon, so I was more drawn to them than I would have otherwise been. I’ve been treating these adorable slippers more like plush toys than actual slippers. I don’t want them to get dirty! When I opened the package I realized that one of them had a smear and spent quite a while cleaning its face so they’d both be cute and tidy. I love how cheerful they look~

There were a few other pair at the shops, but some of the slippers had mis-placed eyes. It gave the pikachu a less-than-gleeful expression, and more of a “totally drunk” look. When my friend and I realized it we were nearly in tears with giggles!

On Being Lolita: Unexpected Encounters

On Being Lolita: Unexpected Encounters

This weekend I had a day all to myself. My husband was at work, and I hadn’t made any plans, so I decided to be productive. I made a list of chores and errands and started working on them right away, slowly checking things off my list. It was drizzling rain outside, but I didn’t want to lose an opportunity to wear lolita fashion, so I dressed in something subdued but still good-mood-inducing. (Oftentimes I forget just how much I love wearing lolita, only to be reminded when I put on a pretty dress or add a bow to my hair. I always seem to remember it as slightly less-intensely enjoyable, and sometimes I slack off and don’t put forth the effort because I don’t think it will be “worth it.” It is always “worth it!”)

I headed out to pick up some groceries, and decided to head to a particular store that I don’t usually frequent. I’m within walking distance of a selection of stores, but there are a few other places nearby that just require a train or bus ride. In this case, I took the train.

The rain was on-and-off all day. It didn’t quite reach the level of a downpour, but it did get past a drizzle at several points. Sometimes it let up so that it almost seemed like the rain had stopped, but still there was a drop here or there. The temperature was also chilly; autumn is announcing proudly that it is here! I still don’t have a lolita rain coat (I wish!), so I bundled up in my (hideous) black windbreaker and headed out.

After purchasing my groceries I walked back to the train station and waited for the train. It wasn’t terribly crowded, but the only available seats were beside other passengers. I sat down next to a young man with white earbuds, oblivious to everything but his music, and read the advertisements near the ceiling of the train car to pass the short trip back to my stop.

I was surprised when I heard a mild voice address me from the direction of the young man. “I wish more people dressed like that,” he said with a smile, holding his removed headphones in one hand.

Although my coat covered up most of my outfit (which was very simple save the lolita skirt), he had noticed the white print of parasols and logos along the bottom hem of my skirt. Apparently the words “BABY, the stars shine bright” meant something to him. He commented on how the style was anachronistic and yet still modern, and asked if I’d had a chance to visit one of the stores–either in Japan or San Francisco. I was really happy to be asked such detailed questions about the style from a stranger.

Most of the time, if a stranger wants to talk to me while I’m wearing lolita fashion, they ask the same questions:
“Why are you dressed like that?”
“Are you in a play?”
“Who are you supposed to be?”
“Do you like working at the American Girl store?”
“Is that purse a bunny?”

Those are the questions I’ve come to expect. I expect pokes on the shoulder, an exchange of confused glanced, curious whispers between friends, and raised eyebrows when people ask what’s been on their mind while they’ve been staring. I certainly don’t imagine that anyone knows what I’m wearing, although I do occasionally hear excited shouts of, “Hey! A lolita!” Even as I was talking to the friendly young man seated beside me, I could hardly comprehend that he not only knew that I was wearing a particular fashion style, but knew where the stores were located.

I know that some people worry about lolita fashion becoming mainstream or widely-accepted, but I really appreciated the change. I can honestly say that I wouldn’t mind if the fashion were recognized by more people–if instead of shouting, “Little Bo Peep, where are your sheep?” they could just mutter and think, “One of those weird lolita girls.” (Or, even better, smile and start a good-natured conversation!) I can’t help but think that this one guy’s recognition is related to the growth of lolita fashion in the United States. It isn’t quite mainstream, but there’s a lot more information available in English to anyone able to use Google.

Several years ago, that wouldn’t have been the case. There wasn’t a BABY, the Stars Shine Bright store in San Francisco. There weren’t numerous (if misinformed) online articles. There weren’t so many blogs, so many girls sharing photos, or so many companies offering overseas shipping and thus having that one page on their website, often awkwardly-phrased, with translated instructions for English-speaking customers. Now that Tokyo Rebel exists in New York City and Angelic Pretty will join BtSSB in having a San Francisco store, I can’t help hoping that more information will spread.

There was something nice about being known. It made me feel like a person with an unusual clothing choice instead of a strange frilly alien to be feared. ♥

Outfit Snap: Pups in Cups

Outfit Snap: Pups in Cups

In late August my husband and I spent a relaxing Saturday together, so I decided to dress up. His new job requires him to work on alternative weekends; we try to make the most of the days when neither of us is working. As my job considers Friday and Saturday to be a weekend, and his job considers Saturday and Sunday to be a weekend, Saturday was the day with overlap. We went out to breakfast and ran a few errands, then watched movies and played our new Pokémon games together.

Casually Fluffy
This is my favourite sort of casual lolita. It was an outfit perfectly suited to a lazy weekend day~

I wanted to wear something I hadn’t worn yet, and this skirt definitely fit that description! It’s one of the things my little sister picked up for me in Japan. Since I don’t usually wear skirts, preferring jumperskirts and one-pieces, so this has been in my closet for a bit. The print is very cute–the pattern definitely grew on me over time. The puppies hiding in those teacups are so tiny!

The weather was mild, but I didn’t think I would be quite warm enough in a short-sleeved blouse, so I wore a camisole with a button-down cardigan. I think that in the future I’d choose a different cardigan, as this one doesn’t really match as well as I had hoped, but I like this cardigan so much that it’s becoming my go-to. I think the polka dots seemed somewhat out of place, as there are none on the skirt nor any elsewhere in my outfit.

Too keep the outfit less formal, I wore pearl hairbands instead of a larger hairbow. I have wanted hairbands this like since an accessory in this style was released on Poupée Girl, but I didn’t find them until fairly recently. These are inexpensive because they were purchased at Forever 21, but they’re also not the best quality. The ends can be sharp, something I plan to fix with mine.

Pups in Cups
I don’t wear skirts very often. I wish I owned more cutsews, cardigans, or parkas to pair them with.

I opted for plain white socks and heart buckle shoes. I like the style of these shoes, but the fit isn’t great even though my pair has a few layers of insoles. They were still comfortable to wear during the time we were out, though.

The next time I wear this skirt, I’ll try to do something more interesting. Maybe by that point I’ll have a pretty cutsew to pair it with~ Now that fall is here I’ve been eying some of the brands’ embellished turtleneck sweaters. I think some of them are so cute~ Perhaps a sweater like that in white or pink would be a good match for this skirt.