Outfit Snap: Catching Up in Pink

Outfit Snap: Catching Up in Pink

One of the things that always keeps me from updating regularly are pictures. I love having pictures to go with each entry, and I am really picky about where the pictures come from. I don’t like uses images without proper credit–I prefer to take the pictures myself, borrow some from a friend (with permission), or take them from an official company website (with a note of the fact). Unfortunately, I don’t carry my camera around with me on a regular basis, thus if I want pictures to illustrate something I need to specifically plan time to take them–and there needs to be decent sunlight.

So, as much as I want to write about something else, here’s a few outfit snaps that I’ve forgotten. Over the weekend I’ll definitely have something else to write about–if only because I’ll also have the time to take some accompanying pictures~!

Ready for Angelic☆School
My husband was sweet enough to take these pictures after he got home. I’m absolutely useless with a self-timer, and my friend and I were having too much fun to remember pictures~

I spent the day with a friend, and I wanted to wear this jumperskirt. This time, I tried to emphasize the “school” aspect of the design by pairing it with bulky shoes, a cardigan, and a low-key hairbow. I wore the dress’s brooch on my cardigan, covering the BtSSB logo, to tie things together. I really love the award ribbon-shaped brooch that the jumperskirt came with, but I don’t often wear it pinned to the shoulder strap because the side of the medallion pokes me in the arm; it can be uncomfortable.

Enrolled in Angelic☆School
I liked wearing these shoes with this outfit. I appreciate their chunkiness in this coordination.

I really wanted to wear over-the-knee socks, so I picked my ribbon-wrapped pair. Looking back, I don’t think I’d wear those socks again. Plain white knee highs with just a bit of lace or white stockings would have been a better choice. I’d also like to do my hair differently–maybe braids pinned up in loops! (I’ve always wanted to wear my hair like that, ever since I received the American Girl doll Kirsten when I was little, but my hair tends to spike up funny at the ends when I try, or the weight drags the loops out.)

Bows on Bows on Frills
It was very warm and humid that day, so my hair fluffed up like a big poof of floof!

I spent the next day with my husband, enjoying our time together. I work on Sundays, and with his job he works alternating weekends, so it isn’t all that often anymore that we have a Saturday to share and enjoy together. We had a lazy day–woke up late, made sweet potato pancakes, played Pokémon, ate lunch at a café, did some shopping, watched a movie at home, and went out for dinner. ♥ It was fun and relaxing, something we both needed.

I let him select my outfit, and he chose this dress. I’m not surprised at all, because this is the dress he purchased for me. I paired it simply, with pink socks, pink shoes, and a pink hairbow. I left my hair down at my husband’s request. I hate leaving it alone to do its crazy fluffing-frizzing-poofing-staticy nonsense, but he thinks it is very pretty. It makes me happy that he thinks of me that way even when I’m feeling absolutely opposite. ♥

Fluffy, Pink, and Cheerful
My quest for more interesting ways to pose in pictures continues! I’m still failing at coming up with anything good~

I’m fairly satisfied with this outfit. It’s not fancy or incredibly unique, but I feel comfortable wearing it. Actually, I feel more than comfortable–I feel great! I love wearing lolita fashion, and simpler outfits like this are my favourite~

Next post, I promise, will not be an outfit post! XD

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