Daily Life: Work, School, and Writing

Daily Life: Work, School, and Writing

I’m entering the “busy season” at work, and the fall semester is coming to a close before winter semester starts. (My graduate school uses a quarter system.) I keep thinking about all of the things I’d like to write about–cozy fall activities, planning for the upcoming winter, more about tea, lolita fashion and general appropriate, and a myriad of other topics that always pop into my mind when I’m sitting in a lecture or frantically trying to complete something for a deadline! I’ve worn more outfits since my last post, but I don’t like having too many outfit posts in a row; I don’t really consider it content. I haven’t been able to make it to many meetups, either, due to my schedule with work and school. Working on Sundays always seems to exclude me from activities~

Rose Hard at Work
Rose was trying to help me out at work by answering the phone. I think it was a little bit difficult for her.

I haven’t been any less active and I’m not losing interest–I’m just busier than I’d like to be~ I’m hoping to have more time to write this weekend. There are so many things on my mind!

I’ve been thinking about trying my hand again at NaNoWriMo–National Novel Writing Month. I’ve attempted to complete the goal of writing a 50,000-word novel from scratch in one month, starting November 1 and ending November 30, but I’ve never gotten anywhere close! I’ve always had fun trying, though, so I just might try again. I want to write about lolita fashion, but I’m not sure exactly what. Some kind of modern, fairy tale-esque fantasy, perhaps~ Not quite the life of a girl living on Milky Planet, but… hmm… something. I’m sure it won’t amount to much!

Within the past week or so I’ve taken up a hobby that I haven’t done in a while–knitting! I’m having a lot of fun trying new projects. There are so many yarn stores in my area; it’s astounding! Best of all, I can knit on the train or bus to and from work or other errands, and I’ve managed to make quite a bit of progress. My goal is to eventually make the Chocola-chan scarf that was available in the Gothic & Lolita Bible. I want to be sure that my skills are up to par before I purchase nice yarn and start on it, so I’m trying to get a lot of practice in!

I’ll be very happy when Thanksgiving is over and things have calmed down a bit~ I’m very glad that I’ve at least avoided getting sick so far. I feel like so many people I come into contact with daily are ill~ It’s just that time of year.

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