Outfit Snap: Pink or Black

Outfit Snap: Pink or Black

Last weekend I was able to wear lolita fashion both days, even though it rained on Saturday. (Rain is not enough to stop me, unless it is torrential.) …Although, I did choose a less-intense outfit on Saturday to compensate for the rainy-ness.

I spent Friday with a friend–we had ordered some doll items together, to save on shipping, so she came over so we could open the package and spend time together. I wanted to wear something pink and bright and cheerful. Despite it being a not-terribly-popular print and my general apathy towards prints, the artwork has really grown on me. I think I like that it has so many other colours to accent it with…not that I do much accenting. But the possibility is there!

Pink Jelly for All Seasons
This is a summery-seeming dress, at least in my opinion, but I’m not willing to stop wearing it just because cooler weather is here!

The weather’s been chillier, so I wore a parka for part of the day. It’s so comfy~ ♥

This time my hair accessories were quite non-standard. I wore the matching wrist cuffs as hair scrunchies. I’ve always thought that wrist cuffs look like scrunchies, since I grew up when scrunchies were incredibly popular and I had one to match almost any outfit. I’ve wanted to wear them in my hair, but I kept deciding against it. I finally decided to, and I’m glad I did. I think they were pretty cute, and no-one even guessed that they weren’t originally intended for hair.

I’d love to get an actually matching hair item to wear with Jewelry Jelly, but this was satisfying until that day finally comes~

Sparkly Pink Shimmer
It’s too bad that the glittery-shimmery-awesome-ness of the socks didn’t show up in the picture. They’re really lovely in person~

The socks made me particularly excited. These socks were a recently purchase, and I just had to wear them! They are incredibly glittery! There are iridescent sparkly threads woven in the socks, so they shimmer beautifully~ I adore glittery things! They also have little crowns and bows on them. So cute!

It was raining on Saturday and I had some errands to run, so I wore a toned-down casual outfit. I didn’t want anything the rain might ruin. It didn’t rain very hard for most of the day, but it alternated between mildly rainy, sprinkling gently, and raining slightly harder. I had to wear my waterproof coat, which is very ugly, so most of my outfit would be covered up anyway!

Parasol Print on a Rainy Day
Black outfits are hard to take pictures of. All of the different elements just seem to blend together into a blob of dark.

This was just something simple–a black Alice & the Pirates cutsew under a cardigan, a skirt with parasols (they look like umbrellas, so I thought it was fitting), and black tights and flats. This was the outfit that I was wearing when I had the conversation about lolita fashion on the train! It was really perfect for running about and getting things done, but I still felt frilly and in good spirits.

Amusingly enough, my mother really loved this outfit. So much that she called me to tell me that she had seen this picture and she really loved that outfit! I was quite surprised~

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