Outfit Snap: Pups in Cups

Outfit Snap: Pups in Cups

In late August my husband and I spent a relaxing Saturday together, so I decided to dress up. His new job requires him to work on alternative weekends; we try to make the most of the days when neither of us is working. As my job considers Friday and Saturday to be a weekend, and his job considers Saturday and Sunday to be a weekend, Saturday was the day with overlap. We went out to breakfast and ran a few errands, then watched movies and played our new Pokémon games together.

Casually Fluffy
This is my favourite sort of casual lolita. It was an outfit perfectly suited to a lazy weekend day~

I wanted to wear something I hadn’t worn yet, and this skirt definitely fit that description! It’s one of the things my little sister picked up for me in Japan. Since I don’t usually wear skirts, preferring jumperskirts and one-pieces, so this has been in my closet for a bit. The print is very cute–the pattern definitely grew on me over time. The puppies hiding in those teacups are so tiny!

The weather was mild, but I didn’t think I would be quite warm enough in a short-sleeved blouse, so I wore a camisole with a button-down cardigan. I think that in the future I’d choose a different cardigan, as this one doesn’t really match as well as I had hoped, but I like this cardigan so much that it’s becoming my go-to. I think the polka dots seemed somewhat out of place, as there are none on the skirt nor any elsewhere in my outfit.

Too keep the outfit less formal, I wore pearl hairbands instead of a larger hairbow. I have wanted hairbands this like since an accessory in this style was released on Poupée Girl, but I didn’t find them until fairly recently. These are inexpensive because they were purchased at Forever 21, but they’re also not the best quality. The ends can be sharp, something I plan to fix with mine.

Pups in Cups
I don’t wear skirts very often. I wish I owned more cutsews, cardigans, or parkas to pair them with.

I opted for plain white socks and heart buckle shoes. I like the style of these shoes, but the fit isn’t great even though my pair has a few layers of insoles. They were still comfortable to wear during the time we were out, though.

The next time I wear this skirt, I’ll try to do something more interesting. Maybe by that point I’ll have a pretty cutsew to pair it with~ Now that fall is here I’ve been eying some of the brands’ embellished turtleneck sweaters. I think some of them are so cute~ Perhaps a sweater like that in white or pink would be a good match for this skirt.

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